Effective ADHD Treatments

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It can be very frustrating living with the symptoms of ADHD or ADD says psychologist Edmonton. First it is difficult, because many people do not believe that ADD or ADHD is a real disorder.

Furthermore, because even if people are aware that they have this neurodevelopment condition. They may not have discovered a successful treatment. And struggle with the symptoms on a regular basis. While this is the most prevalent neurodevelopment disease in Canada. Many individuals still blame those with ADD or ADHD for their shortcomings thinking that they can control their behavior by calling them lazy

Nothing could be farther from the truth however says psychologist Edmonton. Because the reality is people with ADD and ADHD. Are typically trying harder than their peers in order to succeed. Just to get the same amount accomplished.


Utilizing Cognitive Perceptual Training

Another common misconception about ADD and ADHD. Is that it only affects children. This is because most children are the ones that gets diagnosed. Especially as their symptoms cause disruptions in a classroom setting.

However, 70% of all children who have ADD or ADHD symptoms. Carry these symptoms with them into adulthood.

Studies have also found that these symptoms are exacerbated once children with ADD or ADHD grow up. Making it difficult to manage personal relationships, the stresses of work. And many people who have ADD or ADHD as adults. Develop addiction problems as well.

In addition to many people believing that this is an affliction that affects only children. Another misconception is that only boys have this neurodevelopment disorder.

The reason why, is because the symptoms that boys have are extremely different than the symptoms that girls have. While boys are far more disruptive. Having their symptoms display externally in hyperactivity or poor impulse control.

The symptoms girls typically have our internal in nature. Causing them to lack focus or be inattentive. Or have low self-esteem.

Because of these differences, the ratio of boys to girls getting diagnosed is three two one. Mostly because boys are more likely to disrupt classes. Causing them to get attention, and ultimately a diagnosis.

However, regardless of how people get diagnosed. Often the only treatment that they have presented to them. Are powerful narcotics such as Ritalin or Adderall.

While these drugs can assist with one of the seven forms of ADD. According to a psychologist in Edmonton, they are not beneficial for most types of ADD and ADHD. And is not beneficial for most persons with this condition. This is why people who suspect they have ADD or ADHD, or have been diagnosed and are searching for treatment should consider getting a quantitative

This is a brain map, that can show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain. Indicating what areas of the brain are affected. And to what level they are affected as well.

This can help doctors create a treatment using technology called neurofeedback. That allows doctors to minimize symptoms. In a way that does not use drugs or any medications.

Even though many people struggle with getting diagnosed with ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. They struggle with finding treatment even more than initial diagnosis.

This is often because doctors are hesitant to suggest any other forms of treatment other than medication.

The reason why, is because for patients who do respond well to Ritalin or Adderall. The effects are very quick, and very drastic.

For individuals who respond positively to drugs, the relief can be substantial and fast. However, many doctors may not realize that this neurodevelopment disease is not responded to by most people. Alternatively, because the other therapies are relatively new, some physicians may be unaware of them.

In addition to medication not being very beneficial. Is that Ritalin is considered a schedule two narcotic. Which is placed in the same category as drugs like cocaine, and feta means and morphine.

The side effects may not be tolerable to most people. Or the side effects could be worse than the symptoms of ADD and ADHD themselves.

It’s even more difficult when the remedy is no longer effective at assisting people manage their symptoms. Psychologist Edmonton claims that it can quickly become ineffectual in many situations. It causes consumers to continue looking for new options, even if they had previously had a solution. e eliminating sugar and grains from

They also try lifestyle changes such as limiting screen time. Because blue violet light can be very harmful to a body in long exposures. As well as getting enough sleep.

And while all of these things can be beneficial to people. It does not do a lot in the way of managing most of the ADD and ADHD symptoms they are experiencing.

Which is why people should book an appointment with psychologist Edmonton in order to get a brain map called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which will give them a picture of the patient’s brain.

Using that brain map, they will be able to develop treatment plan using a technology called Nero feedback. This is where doctors will place sensors on the patient’s scalp in order to measure brain waves.

They will also be able to send feedback into the brain using these same sensors. To communicate to the brain what areas it is overreacting in. And what areas it is under reacting in.

Through treatment sessions, patient’s brains can then start to heal themselves, demise a the effects of ADD and ADHD.

The best part about this treatment, is that it is all natural and safe for patients of all ages. And it does not require the use of any medication at any point.

In fact, patients who suffer from ADD, ADHD as well as anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Can often find help with their symptoms. As their brain is able to heal. Allowing them to function with reduced symptoms.

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