Can Adults Suffer From ADHD

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One of the biggest misconceptions about ADD as well as ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Is that adults do not have ADD or ADHD. And that people who have symptoms, are simply lazy, unfocused or lack discipline.

Another popular misconception about ADD and ADHD is that it is only a male disorder. While the symptoms vary greatly between men and women. Boys, on the other hand, are more likely to exhibit external signs of hyperactivity, such as being restless or impulsive.Girls also have symptoms. But the symptoms are internal. Which means they often get overlooked. Especially in classroom settings. Where boys will get the attention they need, because they are disruptive.

The symptoms girls are likely to have include being inattentive, or being accused of being a daydreamer. As well as having low self-esteem.



Because of these differences, psychologist Edmonton says the ratio of boys being diagnosed to girls is 3 to 1. This leads to many people believing that boys are the only ones who can suffer from ADD and ADHD.

Even as females become women, they can have more issues managing their symptoms. As adults, they might face even greater challenges coping with their problems. The demands of adulthood increase stress levels and exacerbate symptoms. And both boys and girls who bring their problems into adulthood may have difficulties at work or in their relationships.

While 6% of all children are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD between the ages of four and sixteen years of age. Only 4% of adults have ever been diagnosed with it.

And if they do not get this diagnosis as a child, there ability to get diagnosed as an Elder significantly drops. Meaning adults are less likely to get the help that they need. In order to manage their symptoms.

However, many people may hesitate to get a diagnosis says psychologist Edmonton. Because they are very nervous of what their treatment options are. If they are found to have ADD and ADHD.

Many doctors only present medication as a solution. Not even touching on any of the other treatments that may be beneficial. Therefore, while many patients may be very hesitant to start taking drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall.

When they find that this is the only option that their doctor is discussing. They may think that they actually have no option. And that they have to take one if there wanting to treat symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.

However, with seven different kinds of ADD and ADHD existing. Education only responds in one of those types. Which means such a small percentage of the people who have ADD or ADHD. We will even get the help they need by taking these drugs.

This means that people’s hesitation is well-founded. But they are not given the chance to get the help that they could. By knowing that there is treatment out there that allows them to manage their symptoms, without drugs.

Even though there might be a significant number of adults who suffer from ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Many adults are unaware of this. Because of the misconception. That adults do not have this problem.

Instead, they tend to suffer through life. Being told they are lazy, they do not try hard enough. Or that they have too much energy or lack discipline.

However, far from being a personality traits. These issues are caused by an imbalance in their brain. And once they get a diagnosis. That can help them find the treatment that they need. To be the most successful person they can be.

In fact, many people may not realize. But many famous people. Have been diagnosed with having ADD and ADHD. And after treatment, have gone on to be come extremely successful in their chosen career.

This is often because they have had to try much harder than their peers to succeed. That once the obvious roadblocks are taken away. They are able to excel easily. All well continuing to enjoy the gift of creativity. That often comes with ADD and ADHD.

Some great examples of people who have overcome in their ADD and ADHD symptoms. In order to be successful include comedian and actor Jim Carrey, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, athlete Terry Bradshaw, and musician Adam Levine.

In order to get the rights diagnosis. Psychologist Edmonton recommends getting a Q E E G. Which stands for a quantitative electroencephalogram. Or also known as a brain map.

This can show doctors exactly what is going on in a patient’s brain. And what areas are affected, and to what level.

When they understand this, they can begin planning a treatment. That involves impacting the brain. Using electrical sensors. And actually affecting the brain to make changes. Instead of simply managing the symptoms.

In addition to that, psychologist Edmonton says that they recommend people eat healthy diet that includes less sugar and grains. And an increase of healthy fat and protein. As well as limiting their screen time, and getting a good night sleep.

However, where many people have been told to live this healthy lifestyle. Think that it is enough to manage the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. This is not the case. This like anything, healthy lifestyle and diet. Can make any situation better. No matter what the treatment is.

The more people understand that they might have ADD or ADHD. There are treatments available that don’t require you to take drugs in order to function effectively. nIt may help them get over their fears of driving without medication by allowing them to do it under the watchful eye of a professional instructor.

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