Can ADD Be Treated Naturally

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When people get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, psychologist Edmonton says they wonder if they can have a natural treatment for their symptoms.

This is often because when they get diagnosed. Their doctors typically start treatment with powerful narcotics such as a Ritalin and Adderall.

And while these drugs can be very helpful for some people with ADD or ADHD. There are seven different kinds of ADD. And only one of them responds to medication.


Medication-Free Depression Treatment Options Edmonton Psychology Clinic

Therefore, even though doctors start with this treatment. Because it can be a very drastic improvement for a small percentage of patients.

The majority of people who try this drug. Not only find the side effects extremely intolerable. But they also do not have a benefit to continuing the drug.

Other doctors, on the other hand, may be unfamiliar with natural cures. Alternatively, they may place natural therapies in the same category as snake oil treatments. Then they are fraudulent and useless. However, this isn’t true of all natural treatments, according to psychologist Edmonton.

For example, using a Q E E G. Which stands for a quantitative electroencephalogram. Creates a map of the patient’s brain.

Doctors will be able to use that map, to see exactly what is going on in the patient’s brain. Such as what areas are affected. And how affected they actually are.

They’ll be able to come up with a treatment plan after they’ve created this brain map. The Nero feedback is another technology that uses sensors placed on the scalp of the patient to measure brain waves.

They also can send feedback directly to the brain using the same sensors. Telling the brain where the damage is, and what part is overreacting what part is under reacting. Which will allow the brain to start healing itself.

The benefits of this therapy. Is that not only is it extremely effective. But it is completely safe and patients of all ages.

And since patients are getting diagnosed from the age of four years old and older. Parents can breathe a sigh of relief. That there is treatment out there. That does not include giving their toddler a schedule to narcotic on a daily basis.

And also is extremely cost-effective, allowing more people to get treatment because it is in their price range.

Psychologist Edmonton says not only can it help people who have ADD and ADHD. But this is an effective treatment for many different types of neurodevelopment disorders. Including depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Because the brain is extremely effective at healing itself. It can also be used to treat people who are suffering from migraines. Or people who have experienced mild concussions and damage in their brain due to those concussions.

Once patients who have ADD and ADHD can get the proper treatment. Their symptoms can be extremely diminished and easily managed. Which will allow them to go on to excel in their schoolwork, and in their chosen careers. Such as Richard Branson, Jim Carrey and Michael Phelps areas

The reason why many people are looking for a drug-free solution for symptoms of ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Is not just because people want to avoid drugs of all kind.

But because the types of drugs that are used to treat adults and children alike are extremely powerful. Drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall are commonly diagnosed in adults as well as children. To help manage the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

However, they must understand that these medications are referred to as narcotic drugs. The fact that they were put in the same class as amphetamines, morphine, and cocaine is due to this. They also have a high risk of being misused by consumers and others.

Therefore, there can be a lot of hesitation when doctors prescribe a young child. Or even an adult with as narcotic that must be taken on a daily basis.

However, the effort to obtain a diagnosis may sometimes cause difficulties. Because many individuals are unaware that ADD and ADHD are genuine illnesses.

They look at the symptoms, which are typically behaviour-based. And think that people should be able to easily control their actions. When this is not the case.

In addition to thinking that it is not a real disorder. Many people think that it is a disorder that only exists in children. And as children grow, so to their brains, and they end up outgrowing the symptoms.

While this isn’t always the case, this prejudice is straightforward to demonstrate. Because fewer adults are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD than children. And while 70% of kids experience symptoms into adulthood. If people do not receive a diagnosis as children, they will almost never obtain one as adults.

Studies have shown that approximately two point 5% of adults have been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD. And while 6% of children have been diagnosed.

That means there are many adults that have not received this diagnosis. That may be dismissing their symptoms as personality traits.

However, since the stresses of adulthood often exacerbate symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Psychologist Edmonton says it is very imperative that adults who think that they may have symptoms.

Patients should get diagnosed so that they can end up getting treated for their symptoms. The sooner adults can get a diagnosis. The sooner they will be able to start getting an effective treatment.

So that they do not develop work problems, problems with relationships at home or with their children. That can lead to problems with addictions.

If people are wondering if they have ADD or ADHD. They should contact psychologist Edmonton, in order to get a quantitative electroencephalogram. So that they will be able to get a definitive answer of why they have the symptoms that they do.

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