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Whether it is a child or an adult that suffers from ADD or ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. They are typically frustrated on a daily basis. Not only with their symptoms. But also with other people who have many misconceptions about their condition.

While many people who have ADD and ADHD can be hyper, have a difficult time focusing, are inattentive or impulsive. These symptoms can be one problem. But dealing with people’s expectations. As well as their judgement is another.

In fact, many successful individuals have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Who have gone on to achieve great heights in their professions.


What You May Not Know About ADD

Musician and singer Justin Timberlake, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, and athlete Terry Bradshaw. Have all experienced symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. And were able to get the treatment that they needed for this disorder.

However, the stigma of the diagnosis can cause people to fail to seek out treatment. As well as the fear of the treatment itself. Despite the fact that drugs are rarely effective for most people with ADD and ADHD. Most doctors start by prescribing Ritalin, and then Adderall before moving on to different drugs.

There are seven different kinds of ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And only one of them responds to medicine at all. Which makes it ridiculous that this is often the only treatment that many patients are presented with.

Not only is it not a good idea to start medicating most people. But when the medications are strong narcotics, in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.

People who are hesitant to take these narcotics. Have a good reason to be cautious. If these drugs are taken, people can have a difficult time with the side effects of the drugs themselves.

This is especially true for opiate users who are seeking to get off cold turkey. They have a higher risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms and being unable to stop taking their drug on their own.

Including limiting grains and sugar. As well as increasing the consumption of healthy fat and protein. Along with other lifestyle changes including getting tested for allergies, limiting screen time.

Getting a lot of exercise and sleep. Can only go so far. Getting the right diagnosis is the first step. In being able to get a treatment.

That can help people of all ages not only manage the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. But actually treat the source of the problem.

So that they can minimize the reasons why they have symptoms. And start to heal from this disorder. The sooner patients can get the correct diagnosis of ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton .

The sooner they are going to be able to get the treatment they need. That will help them not only manage symptoms. But actually treat their brain. So that they can benefit from a healthy brain.

Meddling with symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD can seem like an uphill battle says psychologist Edmonton. Because while children are often diagnosed. Adults often have their symptoms being written off or dismissed as personality traits.

In addition to having their symptoms being completely dismissed. Each must be incredibly frustrating for people suffering from ADD or ADHD. Stress of adulthood often exacerbates their symptoms.

Making it more difficult to manage symptoms or making individuals believe that they are even more impulsive, lazy, or undisciplined. Only two point five adults have been diagnosed with this condition. nnFive point three children in Canada have been diagnosed with it. In Canada, however, only two point five adults have been diagnosed with it.Meaning there are far more adults that have symptoms. But have not received the diagnosis. That could help them get the treatment they need.

Not only that, but when people do not believe that adults could have ADD and ADHD. They also believe that this is an affliction that only boys can get.

The reason why boys and up having a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Is because their symptoms are more external in nature. Causing them to be hyper or impulsive.

While girls typically have more internal symptoms. Such as inattentiveness or daydreaming, as well as low self-esteem.

Psychologist Edmonton says that as boys are more likely to be disruptive in a classroom setting. We will get little attention they need to get a diagnosis. While girls are less likely to be disruptive. Which means they will not and up with the diagnosis. That can significantly help them.

However, any people who may suspect that they have ADD and ADHD. May not seek out a diagnosis. Simply because they are more afraid of the cure, then they are of the symptoms.

Drs. typically start with diagnosing Ritalin or Adderall. Which are powerful narcotics for symptoms. When studies have shown that they are less likely to find effective treatment.

However, no matter how reluctant they may be to take schedule to narcotics. These drugs are classed in the same category as cocaine and morphine. They often think that this is their only option. Because doctors have not presented any other treatments.

However, with a quantitative electroencephalogram, also called a brain map. Can show doctors exactly what is going on in a patient’s brain.

It can also show doctors what areas are affected and to what level. So that they can use electrodes placed directly on the patient’s head.

To stimulate the areas of the brain that need stimulation. In order to correct the issue. Rather than treating the symptoms with narcotics. Psychologist Edmonton says the quantitative electroencephalogram.

Will treat the problem. Eliminating the issue, and minimizing symptoms. The sooner patients can go see psychologist Edmonton for a cottage eight of electroencephalogram. The sooner they will be able to find actual, real relief for their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

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