Adults Can Have ADHD

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There are many things that people do not understand about ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And one of those misconceptions is that adults cannot suffer from ADHD.

Many people tend to think that this is an affliction that only affects children. And they outgrow it as they become adults. However, psychologist Edmonton says this is not true.

While 70% of children carry their ADHD symptoms with them into adulthood. Only 4% of all adults have been diagnosed with it.



This means there are far more adults that are living with symptoms. That have never had a diagnosis. And that can impact their work, their relationships. As well as cause problems in their life, such as causing them to have problems with addiction.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says that as people with ADHD grow into adulthood. The stress that they experience as an adult exacerbates their symptoms. And unless they have an ADHD diagnosis. Most people will write off these symptoms as personality traits.

However, it is very possible that adults have it. And without the right diagnosis, can cause adults to be extremely frustrated, thinking that they should be able to control their actions. When they do not understand the underlying cause for their problems are.

In fact, many people with ADHD go on living their lives as though everything they’ve always been told about them is true. Those who are lazy, daydreamers who don’t put in the effort. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Many brilliant individuals in history have had an ADHD diagnosis.

People may be surprised to hear that such famous people such as Terry Bradshaw, Adam Levine, and Jim Carrey. Have all been diagnosed as having ADHD.

After people who have been diagnosed get the right treatment. They will be able to make use of all of the creativity. That people with ADHD tend to have. But with their symptoms managed.

Will be able to focus, and put that creativity to good use. Which is why so many famous people with ADHD have gone on to have extremely creative careers.

While many people, including grownups, believe that ADHD is not as common as others think. Other people are concerned that if they get an ADHD diagnosis, they will only be offered one course of treatment. It’s not necessary for those who suffer from symptoms to take the cure.

If they are able to get a brain map by a QEEG. Which is short for a quantitative electroencephalogram. This can give doctors a map of what is going on in their brain. So that they can come up with a drug-free solution on how to treat it.

If adults are not diagnosed as having ADHD as a child says psychologist Edmonton. Chances are extremely low that they will end up with this diagnosis as an adults.

There are many reasons why adults who have ADHD do not get diagnosed. And one of those reasons, is that many people do not believe that adults have ADHD.

They tend to think that this is an affliction that only affects children. And as children age, they outgrow the symptoms.

However, studies have shown that not only do 70% of all children who are carrying ADHD symptoms. No symptoms into adult hood. But that if people are not diagnosed as children, they end up not getting a diagnosis at all.

Two means that as children age, the stress that they experience as an adults. Exacerbates their symptoms.

Causing them to have relationship problems, problems at work. And that can lead to a whole variety of problems with addiction. Primarily drugs and alcohol.

Also, many people assume that only boys can have ADHD. Because of how symptoms can present. While boys will have more external symptoms. Such as being hyper and impulsive.

This does not mean that girls cannot have symptoms themselves. However, girls tend to have more internal symptoms. Such as being inattentive.There often called daydreamers. Or end up having low self-esteem issues.

Since boys symptoms are much more disruptive, this is why they end up getting assessed. Especially when their children and it is a classroom setting.

Which means when women become adults, and they continue to suffer from the symptoms of ADHD. It is even more difficult to get a diagnosis. Because while people might be willing to believe that ADHD exists in adults. They also believe that it only exists in boys.

When people do not get a proper diagnosis of ADHD. Psychologist Edmonton says that people often write off these symptoms as personality traits. And that often means being called lazy, or being accused of not trying hard enough.

This is actually far from the truth. Because people with ADHD are actually most likely trying harder than the average person. And once they get the right treatments that they need to manage their symptoms. All of that effort that they are putting in, can help them excel in their chosen career.

Some very famous people have ADHD. And after getting treatment for it, have gone on to excel in their careers. This includes singers Adam Levine, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake. As well as Terry Bradshaw the athlete, and comedian Howie Mandel.

However, many people may not want to get treatment, because they are concerned about what treatment looks like. However, along with psychologist Edmonton.

People can end up with a holistic approach to treating their ADHD. That can help them actually treat the reasons behind their symptoms. Instead of just the symptoms.

The sooner people can get the rights diagnosis. The sooner they can get the treatment they need. In order to excel in their life as well.

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