Adults Can Have ADD

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The reason why many people do not believe that adults can have ADD says psychologist Edmonton. Is because if they do not get diagnosed in childhood. It is considered a personality trait and adults. In fact, 70% of all children who are diagnosed with ADD. Experience their symptoms into adulthood.

Unfortunately, only 4% of adults have ever been diagnosed with it. Which means there are a lot of adults, who may be suffering from symptoms of ADD. And not understand what the cause of their symptoms are.

In fact, as adolescents grow into adults, problems associated with adult hood including stress of work and relationships. As well as having to take on adult problems. Such as paying bills, and mortgages. Can exacerbate their symptoms according to psychologist Edmonton.


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Another reason why so many adults do not get ADD diagnoses. That may assist them in managing their symptoms. Because many individuals incorrectly believe that only boys can have ADD.

While boys have more external symptoms. Such as being hyper and impulsive. The symptoms girls have are more internal. Causing them to be inattentive, or daydream. As well as suffer from low self-esteem.

In fact, more boys are diagnosed with ADD, to a ratio of 3 to 1. Often because since boys have external symptoms. They are more likely to be disruptive. Which will allow them to get assessed more often.

When more adults realize that ADD symptoms can last into adulthood. They can seek out the correct treatment says psychologist Edmonton. That can mean all of the difference to people suffering from ADD.

In fact, many extremely successful people have been diagnosed with ADD. And after seeking the right treatment for them. Have often gone to be incredibly successful in their field.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, comedian Howie Mandel, and Justin Timberlake are all examples of people who have overcome with their symptoms to be very successful.

In actuality, the appropriate therapy allows patients to get control of their symptoms. People who have ADD are frequently endowed with creative gifts. And while many people believe that the only way to cure ADD is by taking medications. There are seven different types of ADD. Only one of them is affected by medicine.

The best treatment for people who have ADD. Is to get a brain map done. By a machine called a QEEG. Which stands for quantitative electroencephalogram.

This will give patients a chance to have their brain mapped. In order to show doctors exactly what is going on in their brain, so that they can use a different therapy to fix it.

With the prevail and set of ADD in children across this country. Adults need to understand that if they are experiencing symptoms. They should seek out a diagnosis. Will be able to help them with managing their symptoms.

Many people do not realize that adults can have ADD says psychologist Edmonton. And in fact, there is a large percentage of people who believe that ADD is not even a real disorder in the first place.

This causes people to believe people with ADD symptoms are simply lazy, unfocused, or have two much energy and no discipline. This is not true, there are actual things happening in their brain that are causing them to be energetic or need help concentrating.

And while 4% of adults have been diagnosed with having ADD. Psychologist Edmonton thinks that this percentage should be much higher. Because if people are not diagnosed in childhood. They typically will not get diagnosed as an adult.

In fact, the symptoms they are experiencing are frequently dismissed as having a personality trait. People will believe that they have control over their actions, therefore it is not necessary to obtain a diagnosis of ADD. Doctors typically began treatment with Ritalin before moving on to Adderall and other powerful drugs.

People should keep in mind that Ritalin is called a schedule to narcotic. Which means it is placed in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.

Schedule two narcotics are classified this way, because they are proven to have a medical benefit. But have a high instance of abuse.

However, if more people learn that they do not need to be treated with these powerful narcotics. They may look for signs. And in doing so, they might discover the means to get the best treatment possible. Most therapies will begin by monitoring one’s diet, including limiting sugar and grains. Increasing nutritious fat and protein consumption is another option.

In addition to other lifestyle changes, such as meeting screen time, and getting lots of sleep. The best start to treating adults ADD is diagnosis.

By using a quantitative electroencephalogram. This can help doctors find out what truly is going on the patient’s brains. So that they can come up with a completely holistic approach to fixing it.

The sooner people who are experiencing symptoms can get a diagnosis. The sooner they can start feeling relief, and start seeing the results from their treatment.

There are actually many different myths that people have about ADD. And many misconceptions. That not only keep people from seeking diagnosis. But actually keep people from seeking treatment as well.

The more people that understand the right treatment is not necessarily medication based. Which will allow them to be treated with a different approach. Can encourage more people who are living with symptoms to seek out help they so desperately need.

The sooner people seek out the treatment. The sooner they can start living life, unencumbered by all of the different symptoms that they may be facing. Including hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsiveness and being hyper.

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