What Causes ADD & ADHD

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While 6% of children between the ages of four and sixteen in Canada have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And 1.1 million Canadian adults has been diagnosed with this. There is still a lot misunderstood about this medical disorder.

While people can have a variety of symptoms from trouble focusing, and inattentiveness. To hyperactivity and an inability to control their impulses. The cause is all the same in all cases.

People who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD lack important brain connections. That should have been formed during the development of their brain. Also, there can be brain connections that are made, but were made incorrectly.


Healing Your Brain

However, many people still do not believe that this is a medical disorder that exists. Because they often see the symptoms as behaviour that should be controllable.

Therefore, not only is it under diagnosed. But many people themselves think all they have to do is try harder in order to get over the symptoms that they are experiencing.

In addition to that, adding to the complexity of getting ADD and ADHD diagnosed. Is the fact that boys and girls often have very different symptoms.

Boys, on the other hand, are more likely to exhibit external symptoms such as hyperactivity and poor impulse control. The symptoms that females have are internals. And they might be inattentiveness or a difficulty focusing. They may also have low self-esteem. Because girls will be less disruptive especially in a classroom setting.

In fact, the ratio of confirmed cases is 3 to 1 in favour of the boys. But that does not mean that girls are not suffering from this disorder.

In fact, regardless of how the symptoms manifest themselves in the different genders. The cause is the same, missing or incorrect connections in the brain.

While many physicians advocate for the use of medications as the only treatment for individuals who are afflicted. This is not always the case. It’s frequently presented as a cure because, in those situations where medicine works, one of the seven different types of ADD and ADHD responds to it. The shift is overwhelming rapid and dramatic. This leads to a large amount of people who are overmedicated with a powerful narcotic. When it is not actually helping them manage their symptoms at all.

A much better solution is actually helping those who are afflicted heal their brain. But up until recently, how to do that was unknown.

Psychologist Edmonton uses cutting edge technology including a quantitative electroencephalogram. As well as a Nero feedback machine. That can help diagnose the problems within the brain, and then send feedback into the brain that can help the brain heal itself.

If people want to find out more information on how they can utilize this technology. The first consultation with psychologist Edmonton is completely free. And can help them understand if this is a method that would be beneficial for them.

People are still learning a lot about ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And despite the fact that it is the single most diagnosed neurodevelopment disorder of childhood. Experts estimate that it is still underdiagnosed as well as underreported.

Because so much about this medical condition remains misunderstood. Many individuals are unsure if it even exists. Because their symptoms show this way. People who have ADD or ADHD frequently have problems with hyperactivity and impulse control. Or a problem concentrating, which makes many people accuse them of being unorganized or irresponsible.

This is actually very. Because people who have ADD or ADHD often work harder than their peers just to accomplish the same amount.

In fact, with the right treatment, people can minimize their symptoms, and then excel in the areas that they try. For example, Michael Phelps who is the most decorated Olympian in history. Was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. And still was able to overcome his symptoms to become an outstanding swimmer in his field.

Therefore, people need to understand that the problem is not with people wanting to be better. In the fact that their brain lacks the connections they need to be able to act the way they want.

If people desire to handle their issues without utilizing high-level narcotics that are in the same class as amphetamines, cocaine, and morphine, they have options. They were frequently left to figure things out on their own. People would try to deal with their problems by making changes to their lifestyle or diet.

However the best treatment will be helping patients heal their brain. So that they can treat the cause of the symptoms. And not the symptoms and selves.

The psychologist in Edmonton, Alberta, uses a machine called an electroencephalogram to accomplish this. A map of the brain is produced. Show them what the brain is doing, what brain waves are present and at what level. They may utilize Nero feedback technology to communicate information into the brain and instruct it where it needs to heal.

The majority of studies have shown that it is a viable treatment for ADHD. Furthermore, many people who suffer from ADHD also experience anxiety, depression, and/or OCD. Which is significant. Because many persons with ADD and ADHD confront numerous issues in these areas.

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