Can Adults Have ADHD?

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According to an Edmonton psychologist, one of the most prevalent myths about ADD and ADHD is that it’s a condition only affecting youngsters. Children who have it will outgrow their symptoms by adulthood, according to popular belief. This is not correct at all; nevertheless, the misconception persists. Because there are many more kids than adults who are diagnosed with it.

In fact, while 6% of children in Canada between the ages of four and sixteen get diagnosed. 70% of all children will continue having symptoms into adulthood.

The cause of this. Because their symptoms are frequently misinterpreted as a personality trait, adults are not diagnosed. People with ADD and ADHD may be hyperactive, have difficulty concentrating or focusing, and be regarded as slackers by their peers. This is why so many individuals do not seek professional assistance for their problems.


How ADHD Manifests in Adults

They often believe that all they have to do is try harder. Or that they are chronically disorganized and there is nothing that they can do that is going to help themselves.

This is, however, a very risky practice because when people with ADD and ADHD go undiagnosed throughout their lives. According to psychologist Edmonton, those symptoms might include anxiety, sadness, and even alcohol or addiction. As a result, it’s critical that anyone who has ADD or ADHD be diagnosed so they may receive therapy that works for them.

However, psychologist in Edmonton says that one significant problem with this. Is the fact that once people are diagnosed, there are not a lot of treatment options that people are presented with.

The problem with this logic is that there are only seven distinct kinds of ADD and ADHD. Only one of those types responds to medication. As a result, when Drs. presented as the only remedy, patients were disappointed because they thought it was their only choice.

And in fact, when they do not find relief with one narcotic, a doctor has many in their power to prescribe. Including powerful narcotics such as Ritalin and Adderall.

Often, people who suffer from ADD and ADHD find that the side effects of these narcotics are far more intrusive then their ADHD symptoms.

Therefore, it is often with good reason why parents of children are very hesitant to give their child a powerful narcotic on a daily basis.

The good news is, that there is a treatment option that is available. That many people may not be aware of. Make an appointment with psychology Edmonton, in order to find out how they use cutting-edge technology to naturally and effectively treat the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD.

In fact, this is such an effective treatment. That many patients not only report a reduction of their symptoms. But that their symptoms go away completely. Allowing them to lead a completely normal and healthy life.

There are many misconceptions surrounding ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. And even though it is the most diagnosed behaviour issue, with two point 5% of all adults being diagnosed. And five point 3% of all children being diagnosed. It is still very misunderstood.

Many people often do not even acknowledge it as a medical disorder. And assume that the symptoms that people have are simply people being lazy, not trying hard, or are a victim of terrible parenting.

This can be extremely damaging. Because to the fact that this legitimate medical condition is associated with stigma. People will refrain from receiving the therapy they require as a result of this. Instead of acknowledging that their brain lacks specific connections, they opt to blame themselves. Or, even worse, parents blaming themselves for something they didn’t do wrong.

Even the way the symptoms manifest themselves can create problems. With boys being diagnosed more often than girls. Due to how the symptoms affect each gender.

External symptoms in boys will include an increased aggressiveness and impulsiveness. They are more likely to be disruptive, especially in a class setting, as a result of these factors. Furthermore, because they have more outbursts, they will attract greater attention and receive a diagnosis.

However, even if people suspect that they might be suffering from symptoms of ADD and ADHD can set up a free consultation with psychologist Edmonton to see if they can get a diagnosis. And if they can, what treatment options are available to them.

Psychologist Edmonton refuses to use medication, because they have technology that can help people suffering from ADD and ADHD actually heal their brain.

They use cutting-edge technology by using a Q E E G machine. Which stands for a quantitative electroencephalogram. What this does, is it allows psychologist to create a brain map of a patient’s brain.

This is going to allow the psychologist to see what brain waves are active, how active they are, and if there are any imbalances in the brain.

Then, the psychologist can develop a treatment program using neuro- feedback to help the brain heal itself.

They attach sensors to the patient’s scalp, and that will allow them to read and measure the patient’s brain waves. And then send feedback into the brain itself to tell it where it is under reacting, or overreacting. So that it can fix brain connections that are not correct. Or make connections where they are needed.

This may assist with impulse control, hyperactivity, and attention by assisting individuals with their focus. In fact, people not only claim to have a reduction in their symptoms, but also that they can completely get rid of them. Many individuals discover that over time, they are able to entirely eliminate those problems.

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