Why ADHD is Misunderstood

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Despite the fact that ADHD is the most diagnosed neurodevelopment disorder of childhood according to psychologist Edmonton. It is the most misunderstood condition. With a lot of people refusing to believe that it is a medical disorder that exists.

The reason people believe this is due to the way the symptoms manifested themselves in those who had it. They are frequently overbearing with a lot of energy. This leads to temper tantrums and poor impulse control. Many individuals think that this reflects a lack of discipline.


Why ADHD Goes Undiagnosed in Females

In fact, ADD and ADHD affect 6% of all children between the ages of four and sixteen in Canada. However, this is still a small number. Because so many cases continue to go undiagnosed.

Especially when considering the way symptoms manifest themselves in different genders. With boys exerting external symptoms. Such as hyperactivity and poor impulse control. While girls tend to have more internal symptoms such as low self-esteem and inattentiveness.

Psychologist Edmonton says the ratio of diagnosed cases is three boys to every girl. As is often because since boys can be more disruptive, especially within a classroom setting. They often get more attention, and therefore are diagnosed much sooner.

Therefore, people should consider the fact that since so many cases go underreported. That while it is the most diagnosed behaviour issue. There are still many people who are suffering from the symptoms, who have not received that diagnosis yet.

In fact, the assumption that people who have ADD and ADHD are lazy or not trying hard enough. Is not true. Because many extremely successful people have learned how to manage their symptoms. And go on to become top in their field.

For example, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. And the most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps. Both suffer from ADD and ADHD.

However, through learning how to treat their symptoms. They have been able to overcome their problems, so that they can make use of their gifts. While continuing to enjoy the creativity and spontaneity that often comes with ADD and ADHD.

In fact, those who are suffering from ADD and ADHD often are trying even harder than their peers to overcompensate. And when they find the most effective treatment for them. Can tend to overachieve, and become extremely talented in the areas that they put their mind to it.

As a result, psychologist in Edmonton claims that the first step toward assisting persons with ADD and ADHD is knowledge. And knowledge may lead to a diagnosis. And once someone gets this disorder, it can be tough for them to manage their symptoms. As a result, people should learn about the facts of this medical condition as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that 6% of children in Canada have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. And the fact that 1.1 million Canadians who are adults have ADD and ADHD. It is often still grossly misunderstood.

Not only do many people right off problems that people have because of ADD and ADHD as faulty personality traits. There are also very few treatments that are available to people who are suffering with symptoms.

In fact, even doctors typically present only one treatment option for those who then diagnosed. And that solution is often scheduled to narcotics such as Ritalin and Adderall.

However, there are seven different kinds of ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. And only one type responds to medication. So the vast majority of people that even try this are not going to get help.

The reason why doctors continue to prescribe it to their patients. Is because for people that do find help with it. Find help very quickly and very easily. It also requires no lifestyle changes, which can be presented as an extremely easy solution.

Many parents, nevertheless, are hesitant to use a strong narcotic on a daily basis due to their children’s symptoms. Because the adverse effects of the medication can frequently be worse than the ADD and ADHD symptoms. nHowever, there were no other treatment options given by their doctor. Many people try this therapy reluctantly and it does not help them.

This is where people who are suffering from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Or suspect that they are should contact psychology Edmonton. They use cutting-edge technology to help create a natural, safe and effective treatment to produce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

The use technology called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which takes a snapshot of what the brain is doing. The psychologist is then able to determine which brain waves are active and to what level. And if there are any imbalances within the brain itself.

Once they know this, they can use neuro-feedback. Which involves placing sensors on a patient’s scalp. To not only read and measure the patient’s brain waves. But also send feedback into the brain. So that it can learn where it needs to fix connections, or create ones that did not exist in the first place.

What this does, is functionally heals the brain. So that people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD can find that their symptoms can be reduced. Or even completely eliminated.

It is so effective at healing the brain, that it helps or then just ADD and ADHD symptoms. It can help heal the brain if it is suffering from anxiety, depression and even obsessive-compulsive disorder.

People suffering from anxiety, depression, or any other type of mental health problem. And even those who have had minor brain injuries such as concussions. People with migraines can also heal their brains and alleviate their symptoms using neuro-feedback.

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