What Should People Know About ADD

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ADD is one of the most diagnosed behaviour issue according to psychologist Edmonton. But it is also one of the most misunderstood issue as well. It actually is a medical disorder that affects people’s brains. Because there are connections that are missing, or miss wired.

The reason for its frequent misinterpretation. Because the symptoms often show up in actions, and people frequently think that it is a person’s personality trait. It is not a brain issue. Those who are ill often have too much energy or struggle to focus. They’re accused of being slackers or having poor discipline.

And while none of these are actually true, this myth is so pervasive, that it can stop people from getting the right diagnosis. Or the right treatment that can make a significant difference in their life.


What Treatments Are Available For ADHD?

Another misconception about ADD as well as ADHD is that it only affects children. And as children grow up, their symptoms will disappear and go away. This is untrue, but it is widely believed simply because children are more often diagnosed.

While 6% of all children in Canada between the ages of four and sixteen have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis. 70% of these children’s will continue having symptoms into adulthood.

Making this a problem that affects not just children. This can have a significant influence on the lives of many adult Canadians. When ADD and ADHD symptoms go untreated in adults, it can lead to additional issues such as anxiety, sadness, and addiction. When adult problems including job performance, partnerships, and raising a family are mixed with ADD and ADHD symptoms.

In fact, many girls or women have ADD D or ADHD and never have received a proper diagnosis. Due to the misunderstanding of the disorder. While boys often have external symptoms such as poor impulse control and hyperactivity.

The signs and symptoms of girlhood are more internal. It might be expressed as low self-esteem or inattentiveness, or a propensity to daydream. Girls are less intrusive in their symptoms than boys, which means that they frequently go untreated. This can lead to issues with people not realizing if girls can even have this problem or not.

However, when more people understand the symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. And how those symptoms present themselves. It can help people get the right diagnosis that can help them find treatment.

Those who have received a diagnosis, or suspect that they might have this medical disorder. Can contact psychologist Edmonton in order to get a brain scan done. Using a quantitative electroencephalogram. The psychologist is able to take a snapshot of the brain, and understand what the brain is doing by looking at the brain waves and how active they are.

If there is an imbalance, they will be able to use narrow feedback technology to heal the brain and reduce the symptoms. Therefore, people who have received a diagnosis suspect that is what their diagnosis is. Can find the right treatment for them by contacting psychologist Edmonton.

While ADD and ADHD affects 6% of children between the ages of four and sixteen in Canada according to psychologist Edmonton. And 1.1 million Canadian adults have been diagnosed. It still remains to be one of the most misunderstood medical disorders today.

The reason for this is that symptoms may frequently be mistaken for personality traits. Or that people are undisciplined or slothful. These may be serious misconceptions. That can lead to stigma and individuals not receiving a diagnosis. When people do not obtain a diagnosis, or do not understand their symptoms.

In fact, the assumption that people with ADD or ADHD are lazy or not trying hard is very untrue. In fact, the people that are suffering with this often have to overcompensate for their symptoms, that they are working even harder than most people.

Once the symptoms can be effectively treated, they can go on to be exceptional in their chosen field. Simply because they have had to work harder most of their life than their peers. For example, the most decorated Olympian in history, swimmer Michael Phelps has been diagnosed as having ADD and ADHD.

With the correct therapy, this swimmer was able to work as hard as he ever had before. But reaching the top of his profession. As a result, individuals must understand that it is not about how smart or hard someone works. It’s about disorder, and once treated, it can assist people live a normal and healthy life.

However, one of the most common problems that people confront is when their doctor suggests medicine as the only option. This can be a major problem. Because while medication may help, it only works on one of the seven types of ADD and ADHD. So when individuals are hesitant to take a prescription for narcotic pain relievers to address their issues.

However, doctors are not aware of other treatments that are available. Which leads to parents thinking that medication is the only solution. They often first try to manage symptoms through a change of lifestyle. Including cutting sugar or caffeine, limiting processed foods. As well as limiting screen time.

And while these lifestyle changes can be helpful. It is not going to help them heal their brain. Psychologist Edmonton says that using an electrode in several a gram, and neuro-feedback is a much more effective and safe way to reduce symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

If anyone is living with symptoms and wish to learn more about how this can help them safely and effectively reduce their symptoms. They can contact psychologist in Edmonton for a free consult.

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