What Is ADD and ADHD?

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People who have symptoms due to ADD and ADHD face daily frustrations says psychologist Edmonton. First, with the symptoms that they are afflicted with. That can make their life significantly more difficult.

But also, their life is made more difficult. Because people often misunderstand this disorder. And think that their actions should be much easier to control.

In fact, so many people do not believe that this is a medical disorder that exists. That people who are experiencing symptoms. Our accused of being lazy, or lack discipline. Even worse, the parents of children who suffer from this are accused of failing at being a parent.


Utilizing Cognitive Perceptual Training

These are damaging misconceptions that can increase the stigma surrounding this neurodevelopment disorder periods that affects the brain of people who suffer from this.

This is a real medical illness, according to psychologist Edmonton. It affects the brain of those who are diagnosed with it. Important connections were missed during development or connections were made incorrectly in the womb. Then people with diabetes had difficulties controlling their condition.

As a result, I am familiar with this issue. It has the potential to reduce stigma surrounding it. And help individuals receive the diagnosis and treatment they require in order to manage their symptoms. This can be a difficult problem, however. Because of its many forms, it has different genders.

This disruption means that they get more attention, and ultimately that leads to a diagnosis according to psychologist Edmonton.

Girls on the other hand have more internal symptoms, with trouble focusing, and inattentiveness. That often gets labelled as girls being daydreamers. They also suffer with low self-esteem, that continues to work against them in getting a diagnosis.

While many people are accused of being lazy or not trying hard enough. This simply is not the case. And in fact, those who have ADD and ADHD often try even more than their peers. To accomplish the same amount of work.

Therefore, after getting an effective treatment. People can often excel in school or work. Because the same effort they put in is far more effective.

Take musician and singer Justin Timberlake and comedian Howie Mandel for example. They are both very well-known and successful in their chosen fields. They also both been diagnosed as having ADD and ADHD. And were able to excel once they got the proper treatment.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton says that with the right treatment, people can make use of the gifts of their creativity and spontaneity that comes with ADD and ADHD.

The rights diagnosis can lead to effective treatment. That can make all the difference in the world for people who are suffering from this affliction. However, minimising the stigma surrounding it is the first step towards diagnosis.

Many people are labeled as lazy and troublemakers before they get a thorough diagnosis, according to psychologist Edmonton. Many people with ADD and ADHD have faulty connections in their brains. Or connections in their brains that aren’t properly linked. This is what causes them to be unable to sit still or focus.

While there is still much to learn and understand about this neurological disease. While a diagnosis does not always imply that treatment will be successful, it may indicate when help is needed.

In fact, most doctors present medication as the only treatment to people suffering from ADD and ADHD. And while medication it can be effective in some cases. There are seven different kinds of ADD and ADHD. But only one is responsive to medicine.

Therefore, when a doctor prescribes Ritalin or Adderall for this problem. In the overwhelming majority of the cases that do try it, and up not finding the relief that they were expecting.

In fact, these medicines are considered schedule to narcotics. Which means they are placed in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.

People who do end up taking these medications. Often find that the side effects of the drug is more intrusive than the symptoms of the disorder itself. And even if it is effective. Many people end up developing an immunity to it over time.

This leads to people finding an alternative treatment. Which is why medication is not necessarily the only answer.

Psychologist Edmonton uses cutting edge technology not only to diagnose ADD and ADHD. But to treat it. By helping the brain heal, to reduce the symptoms that people are experiencing.

They use a quantitative electroencephalogram in order to create a map of the patient’s brain. By studying that map, they psychologist is going to be able to see what brain waves are active, and to what level they are active in. They also will be able to see if there any imbalances that need to be fixed.

Once they grasp this, they may create a treatment using neuro-feedback. Each is a technology that employs sensors on the patient’s scalp to read and measure brain waves. That they are able to not only read but also send feedback into the brain of the patient, telling it where it needs to heal.

This is not only a safe and natural way of helping people manage their symptoms. But it also is incredibly cost-effective. And can provide long-lasting results for patients who are suffering from symptoms.

People should also consider the fact that neuro-feedback is highly effective in healing the brain. It has the ability to heal a variety of brain-based issues, including anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It can also help repair the brain after things like minor concussions and even migraines.

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