What Are Symptoms of ADHD?

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There are many challenges that people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD face says psychologist Edmonton. The first, is the fact that the symptoms that they have can make it difficult to do a lot of tasks. Especially in school, or their job.

But the second and far more damaging problem, is that many people do not believe that it is a medical disorder. They often see the symptoms as something that is well within a person’s ability to control.

These are all false beliefs about this medical condition. It is a real neuro-development disease that has a significant impact on people’s behavior. People who are suffering from ADD and ADHD often have an overabundance of energy, leading to hyperactivity. They also can have poor impulse control. And have trouble focusing. Which can look like daydreaming, or not paying attention.


Minimizing The Symptoms of ADHD

This is caused by neural connectivity being wrong or lacking. According to psychologist Edmonton, this is something that was overlooked during brain development. And while some people believe they have control over their urges and attention spans. That everyone should be able to do the same things. It’s false and deceptive.

This can lead to people developing self-esteem issues. As well as thinking that they actually are the reason why they are not able to concentrate or pay attention as well. Which is not true.

It’s possible that if people start to believe this, they won’t seek answers for these symptoms. This might result in individuals living their whole lives with these major problems. It’s because the symptoms are different between the sexes that it’s so hard to grasp. For example, psychologist Edmonton says boys have more external symptoms such as impulsivity and hyperactivity. Which leads to disrupting things like their class. Which leads to the boys getting more attention, and ultimately a diagnosis for their symptoms.

While girls have more internal symptoms, that manifest like an inattentiveness or an inability to focus and low self-esteem. But since they do not disrupt the class, they are least likely to get the attention they need to have their issues diagnosed.

Diagnosis is the key to ensuring that they can get the help they need to manage their symptoms. And undiagnosed children take their problems into adulthood. Where they increase in severity. Allowing adults to start developing depression, anxiety and even addiction.

Therefore, if people are frustrated with their symptoms. And would like a second opinion on what is going on. They should contact psychology Edmonton. For a free consultation to find out if they would be a good candidates for their cutting-edge technology. That can help diagnose as well as treat people with ADD and ADHD.

According to psychologist Edmonton, many people with ADD and ADHD go untreated for years. Simply because their symptoms mimic personality traits. A person who has a heart ailment can, however, manage their heart’s health.

And often, many people believe that it only affects children. And that children will grow out of it as they age. This is untrue, in fact, the problem is exacerbated in adulthood. As the kinds of problems that they have as an adult are more significant than the problems they had as a child.

However, people who have been undiagnosed for years. Or who have been diagnosed but have not found a treatment. Needs to understand that there is a treatment option available for them.

They can make an appointment to see psychologist Edmonton. And find out about their cutting-edge technology. First, they use acute EE e.g., which is a quantitative electroencephalogram. What this does, is it creates a brain map, or a snapshot of the patient’s brain.

When the psychologist studies this brain map, they are able to see what the brain is doing, figure out what brain waves are active and to what level. The brain map will also show if there are imbalances in the brain.

Using that information, they can create a plan using neuro-feedback. Which is a technology that allows the psychologist to attach sensors onto the patient’s scalp. And it will allow them to read and measure the patient’s brain waves.

They can then send feedback into the sensors, to tell the brain where it is overreacting, and where it is under reactive. When the brain receives this information, it can start to change and heal itself. By making the connections where there were none before. And fixing the connections that were made incorrectly during the development stage of the brain.

Not only is this effective. But it is also natural, and completely safe. Helping people not just treat the symptoms of their ADD and ADHD. But to treat the problem, which can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms that they are living with.

People with ADD and ADHD who also have anxiety and depression are not uncommon. This is a typical problem for adults who have undiagnosed ADD and ADHD. The Neuro-feedback may assist with this. In fact, psychologist Edmonton claims that this is highly beneficial in the healing of the brain. That individuals suffering from a range of other cognitive-based issues.

By treating the source of the problem, and not the symptoms. Is the key to long lasting relief. Better yet, the first consultation with psychologist Edmonton is absolutely free. So people can find out more information. And discover if this is the right course of treatment for them.

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