Understanding Symptoms of ADHD

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Those who are suffering with ADHD and ADD can be significantly frustrated according to psychologist Edmonton. Because many people mistake their symptoms for personality traits. Often, those suffering with this medical disorder are assumed to lack discipline, are lazy or they are not trying hard enough.

Not only is this absolutely untrue. It is also very dangerous. Because if people who are afflicted with ADHD and ADD go untreated. Their symptoms can worsen. Especially as they grow into adulthood.

Adults with ADD and ADHD can develop even more severe problems. When dealing with their symptoms along with things like career issues, relationships, and paying bills for example.


understanding ADHD

These types of headaches have to do with an overabundance of pressure on the brain. When these symptoms get worse, they frequently appear as sadness, anxiety, or even alcoholism or addiction. As a result, it’s critical to assist adults cope with their problems. It is a correct diagnosis in its own right.

The first misconception that many people believe. Is that ADD and ADHD is not a real medical disorder. This is particularly dangerous. Because when people go untreated, not only are they having to deal with their symptoms on their own.

But they also have to deal with the stigma of people assuming that they are lazy, or that they are not trying very hard.

The second misconception that people need to understand is not true, according to psychologist Edmonton. Some people believe that it only affects children. And children will outgrow their symptoms as they grow into adults.

The reason this myth is is so pervasive because it is more easily diagnosed in children. And while 6% of all children in Canada tween the ages of four and sixteen have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis.

70% of these children will carry their symptoms into adulthood. Meaning a significant number of adults are living with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

While the aforementioned statistics indicate that 1.1 million Canadians have ADHD, many psychiatrists and psychologists in Canada believe that this is an extremely low figure. Because the number of people who have ADD or ADHD but are not diagnosed is significant.In fact, many well-known and successful people are living with ADD and ADHD. They have been able to get help with their symptoms. To go on and live extremely successful lives. Such as Olympian Michael Phelps, musician and singer Justin Timberlake and comedian Howie Mandel.

Therefore, in order to help those adults who are suffering with symptoms. Diagnosis is the first key. So when the stigma is ended. More people can feel free to get the help they need. Manage their symptoms, and experiencing life without the stigma attached.

It can be frustrating either living with ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. But it is also very frustrating to be a parent of a child with the symptoms. Often, because it is misunderstood. People do not often get the right diagnosis.

In fact, there are some myths that people believe about this medical disorder. That makes finding the right treatment or even diagnosis very difficult. For example, psychologist Edmonton says many people wrongfully believe that only boys get this disorder.

While the ratio of confirmed cases is three boys to every girl. It is often because of how the symptoms manifest themselves in each gender.

While boys often have external symptoms. They are impulsive and hyperactive. Girls have more internal symptoms. That manifest themselves in them being inattentive, or having low self-esteem.

Psychologist in Edmonton says that since boys are more disruptive with their symptoms. Especially in a classroom setting. They often get the attention needed to diagnose the problem.

And while some teachers might say that girls seem to be daydreaming. Since there symptoms do not interrupt the class. They do not end up getting the attention they need to get a proper diagnosis.

If people go on believing that girls cannot get this medical disorder. It is very likely that they will have to deal with their symptoms for many years without knowing that not only is there a diagnosis. But there is actually a treatment that can help them.

Another frustration of ADD and ADHD. Is that doctors often only present medication as a viable solution. And if parents are nervous about putting their children on a schedule to narcotic. It is with good reason.

However, when faced with having no other options presented to them. Often believe it is the only solution.

Therefore, if anyone or anyone’s children are suffering with symptoms of ADD and ADHD. A great first step would be to call psychologist Edmonton in order to get a QEEG done.

What this is, is a machine that takes a snapshot of what a person’s brain is doing, what brain waves are active and to what level. This essentially maps out there brain, to show the psychologist if there are any imbalances.

If there are imbalances, they then can use neuro- feedback. Which is a technology that allows psychologists to read and measure the patient’s brain waves. And then give feedback through sensors into the brain. So that it can learn where the connections are incorrect and fix them.

Not only is this an extremely safe and effective way to reduce symptoms. It also is all natural, and does not need to rely on the use of any drugs.

In fact, is so effective at managing problems within the brain. That those who are suffering from anxiety, depression and even obsessive-compulsive disorder. Can find relief with this treatment. And those who have had damage in the brain due to concussions, or who suffer from migraines can also use neuro-feedback to help themselves manage their symptoms.

With how effective this treatment is for people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD. Anyone who has had a diagnosis. Or suspects that they do have that medical disorder. Can seek out a QE themselves. To put themselves on the path to recovery.

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