Understanding ADHD Symptoms

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One of the biggest problems that keep people from getting a diagnosis if they have ADHD and ADD according to psychologist Edmonton. Is the symptoms that they have, are often considered personality traits, that can easily be overcome.

Because of this, there is a significant group of people who do not consider ADD or ADHD to be a real medical condition. They believe that individuals should have no trouble overcoming their symptoms by increasing their efforts or quitting being lazy. In fact, even the parents of children with ADD and ADHD are sometimes held responsible. People blame them for their child’s bad behaviour

This is all untrue. It might be extremely detrimental to a youngster’s self-esteem when it is false. This is a form of Oedipus complex that affects the brain. how it affects the brain, during development, key connections were made incorrectly or were never created at all.


Minimizing ADHD Symptoms

Another problem that keeps people from getting diagnosed. Is the fact that boys have different symptoms than girls. This leads to the ratio of confirmed cases being 3 to 1. With significantly more boys being diagnosed than girls.

According to psychologist Edmonton, since boys have more external signs of malfunctioning. They will receive more attention and be diagnosed sooner as a result of their conduct.

While 6% of children in Canada between the ages of four and sixteen have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. It is assumed that the number of cases is actually higher. Because of the difficulty in getting a diagnosis.

However, the number of adults who get diagnosed are even fewer. With five point 3% of Canadian children getting this diagnosis. As opposed to two point 5% of adults having the same diagnosis.

And while many people assume that children will grow out of their symptoms as they age. This is actually not true. But people often overlook the symptoms in adults. Writing them off as personality traits.

This can be very damaging. Because as children get older and face greater challenges such as the stress of establishing a career and relationships. The symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD might become worse. And even produce anxiety, sadness, alcoholism, or addiction.

If people think that they are suffering from this disorder. Or have been diagnosed, but cannot find a treatment. They should contact psychologist Edmonton for free consultation. And find out how they can get treatment that will be able to help them manage their symptoms.

There are many misconceptions surrounding ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And these misconceptions can lead to people not getting properly diagnosed. Or even if they get diagnosed, having many people misunderstand their condition.

While 1.1 million Canadian adults know that they are living with ADHD. Psychologist Edmonton suspects that these are significantly under reported numbers. Since many adults who have symptoms go undiagnosed.

And while many people make the assumption that people who have ADD and ADHD are not suffering from a medical disorder. But are simply lazy or not trying. Need to understand that these assumptions are over simplifications are damaging.

In fact, people who have ADD and ADHD often work harder than their peers to accomplish the same amount.

Therefore, when people and up getting an effective treatment for ADD and ADHD symptoms. They can end up excelling in their chosen profession. Because they are trying the same amount, but their efforts are far more successful.

An example of this is Michael Phelps. He is the most decorated Olympian in history. But he started out life suffering from ADD and ADHD. And while nobody now would accuse Michael Phelps of being lazy or not trying hard enough. It was only when he got diagnosed with ADD and ADHD that he started to excel in his swimming career.

In fact, many famous and well-known people have overcome difficulties with ADD and ADHD in order to excel. For example, gymnast Simone Biles, musician and singer Justin Timberlake as well as comedian and actor Howie Mandel.

All had to overcome challenges and symptoms associated with ADD and ADHD. In order to get where they are today.

While medication is often thought of as the only treatment that works, psychologist Edmonton says this notion is widespread because the medical system values medicine over any other treatments. It’s a simple and quick idea to suggest. However, only one out of every seven types of ADD and ADHD responds to medication.

And while many people including the parents of children who suffer from ADD and ADHD. Are very hesitant about using a medication on a daily basis that is a powerful narcotic. It is with good reason. The side effects can often be far more intrusive than dealing with the symptoms themselves of ADD and ADHD.

However, there is an alternative. Psychology Edmonton uses cutting edge technology such as quantitative electroencephalogram. In order to create a brain map to show what parts of the brain are imbalanced.

So that they can use neuro-feedback in order to train the brain what areas need to be healed. So that the person who is suffering from ADD and ADHD can get a significant reduction in their symptoms.

Consultations are absolutely free, and whether people have been diagnosed already. Or suspect that this is their problem. Can speak to one of their psychologists. In order to find out if this treatment is right for them.

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