Understanding ADD and ADHD

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The key to helping people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Is understanding what it’s like to have ADD and ADHD. And What treatments are available. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that people have about this disorder. That keep them from understanding it. And keeping people from getting the help they need.

People think that it isn’t real, but believe it does. And that’s where the child or adult is coming from. Is linked to their disposition. Because the symptoms might appear as forgetful, spontaneous, energetic, and scatterbrained. Many people believe that those who are ill with ADHD are just slackers.

They think that they need to work harder, or especially for children who have ADD and ADHD symptoms. People tend to blame their symptoms on the lack of proper parenting. When parenting has absolutely nothing to do with the symptoms. Can create more issues than ever.


Can The Brain Be Healed

My understanding that ADD and ADHD is an actual medical disorder. Of the brain not being wired correctly. Can help people understand the seriousness of the symptoms says psychologist Edmonton.

The next truth that people needs to believe. Is that it does not only affect children. And they will not outgrow it as they grow into adulthood. Many people believe this says psychologist Edmonton. Because it is more readily diagnosed in children.

However, 70% of children who have ADD and ADHD symptoms. We’ll continue having those symptoms into adulthood. And over 4% of American adults have been diagnosed as having ADD and ADHD.

When adults with ADD and ADHD do not receive treatment, their life can be greatly affected. Anxiety, sadness, addiction, and alcoholism are all common symptoms. It comes out as anxiety when left untreated.

Even more than children. Adults who have symptoms of ADD and ADHD are told that they simply needs to work harder. And that they are lazy. Which can increase those feelings of anxiety, depression and addiction.

When people understand that this is a valid medical disorder of the brain. It can help people get treatment finally. Psychologist Edmonton says that anyone who has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD should seek out a psychologist to get a brain scan called a qeeg. Or also known as a quantitative electroencephalogram.

Is that the qeeg? It’s a photo of a human brain, which displays brain activity. As a result, a psychologist can determine whether there is anything abnormal wired in the brain. This knowledge may assist those suffering from ADD and ADHD in receiving appropriate therapy to rewire their brains.

Psychologist Edmonton says many people have a lot of misunderstandings about people with ADD and ADHD. These can be very dangerous assumptions. That can lead to the lack of diagnosis. As well as a lack of treatment. And while children can suffer significantly if they are not diagnosed. Adults who are undiagnosed can fall into a depression, or become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

A misconception that people need to be educated about is false. Is it merely the case that males are more prone to ADHD and ADD? Or that their actions are simply written off as typical male behavior.

Boys have more external symptoms such as hyperactivity and impulsivity. And because they can be more distracting. They often disrupt a classroom more. And get a diagnosis.

The same amount of girls can suffer from this. But because their symptoms are internal, such as low self-esteem and inattentiveness. They often are painted with the assumption that they are daydreamers or lazy. But because they are not disruptive. They don’t often get the diagnosis they need.

The second common misconception about ADD and ADHD is that people who have it just don’t try hard enough. That they are lazy. This is not accurate at all. And, in fact, persons with ADD and ADHD frequently have to work harder than their peers to get the same things other kids take for granted.

In fact, several very successful and well-known people have overcome their symptoms to find Worldwide success in their chosen field. For example, the most decorated Olympian in history is Michael Phelps. However he has ADD and ADHD. And no one would dare call him lazy.

Musician and singer Justin Timberlake, as well as comedian and actor Howie Mandel. Have both been diagnosed as having ADD and ADHD. But again, their Brilliance and talent is recognized. And they are not considered lazy at all.

With the right treatment, people can make use of all of their not Alan says psychologist Edmonton. While allowing the creativity and spontaneity that comes with ADD and ADHD to help improve their abilities.

This is why it’s incredibly important to get the right diagnosis and the right treatment. Psychologist Edmonton says many doctors only presents medication as the only solution. Because it is a fast-fix. However people who are suffering with ADD and ADHD. And the parents of children who are suffering from it. Need to know that there is another solution.

This is a therapy that many doctors are unaware of. As a result, they do not inform parents about it. Which is why they must be able to conduct their own research in order to discover alternative methods for assisting themselves and their family members.

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