Treatment Options For ADHD

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According to psychologist in Edmonton, finding the correct treatment for people who have ADD and ADHD may be challenging. This is due to its extreme lack of understanding. Many individuals, on the other hand, are having a difficult time even getting a diagnosis. After they obtain the correct diagnosis. They will have a hard time locating the right therapy.

When people go to their doctors, they are often presented with medication being the only treatment that works. And while this is not true. A lot of doctors lack the knowledge needed to properly help a lot of patients who are suffering from this problem.

When it comes to treating Add and ADHD, one of the major drawbacks with this strategy is that while there are many clients for both ADD and ADHD. Only one of them responds to medicine, therefore presenting it as a single solution isn’t really beneficial to most people.


Minimizing ADHD Symptoms

In fact, individuals who do end up taking the medicine have a difficult time dealing with the negative consequences. Because the adverse effects can be severe. And are frequently considered to be more undesirable than the symptoms themselves. People might also develop an immunity to the medication and find themselves forced to stop taking it.

Some of the most common medications that are prescribed for those suffering with ADD and ADHD is Ritalin and Adderall. These are very powerful narcotics that are considered scheduled to narcotics.

Psychologist Edmonton says scheduled to means that they are narcotics that have a recognized medicinal purpose. But are also very known for being exceptionally addictive, with a high potential for abuse by the person taking the drug.

So it is very understandable that people are quite hesitant to follow their doctor’s recommendation to take a powerful narcotic. And even more so for parents, who are not keen on the idea of feeding their child a powerful narcotic on a daily basis.

Therefore, people may reject the idea of taking medication. Which often leaves them untreated, and having their symptoms being unmanaged.

As they deal with the problems that come with adulthood, their symptoms can only worsen. Leading to anxiety, depression and even addiction. That often lead to doctors looking for treatments for those problems. When the cause is actually untreated ADD and ADHD symptoms.

As a result, people need to be aware that their doctor may not have any answers for them. Except for drugs, they should not cease seeking. In order to discover about an alternative treatment, contact a psychologist in Edmonton. They can learn more about it by using electroencephalograms and neuro-feedback technology.

According to psychologist Edmonton, many people are aware of ADD and ADHD. However, it is still very misunderstood. It is not even recognized by a significant portion of the population. In fact, it’s the most diagnosed neurodevelopment condition in children. AD/HD or ADD/ADHD is the second-most diagnosed behavior problem among adults.However, with how diagnosed it is. It is still very misunderstood. And there are still very few treatment options that are helpful.

While many doctors go to responses for people who are suffering from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD are drugs. Many people are quite hesitant to explore this option for themselves or their children.

However, with no other viable options presented. Leaves people searching for solutions on their own. Such as lifestyle and diet change. By changing their diet, limiting screen time and even checking for allergies. People hope to manage the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

A diet change might have people eliminating sugar or caffeine, avoiding processed foods. As well as increasing healthy fat and lean protein.

These are healthy lifestyle and diet changes. But they can benefit anyone who decides to do this. And whether it is effective at managing ADD and ADHD symptoms is not well understood.

However, there is a treatment option available. That uses acute the G. Which stands for a quantitative electroencephalogram. Psychologist Edmonton uses this cutting-edge technology to create a brain map of the patient’s brain.

The psychologist may look at what the brain is doing and determine what brain waves are active and in which ranges. They will be able to see if there are any imbalances in the brain, as well as where they are. So that they can utilize neuro-feedback to assist heal the brain itself.

How this neuro-feedback works. Is using sensors on the scalp of the patient. To read as well as measure the brain waves. And then send feedback into the brain. To give it information on where it is overreacting, and where it is under reacting.

When the brain learns what connections it needs to heal, and what connections are missing that it needs to form. It can start to heal itself. And reduce people’s symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

This can also help adults who are suffering from anxiety, and depression as a result of their symptoms being untreated.

With how effective this treatment is, anyone who is suffering from ADD and ADHD. Or suspect that they are, but have not been diagnosed. Can make an appointment for free consultation with psychologist Edmonton. To see if they can benefit from this great technology. That can help heal their brain significantly.

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