Treatment Options for ADD and ADHD

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Understanding ADD and ADHD is the key to finding proper treatment says psychologist Edmonton. And since it is very misunderstood. That has led to misdiagnosing the issue. And doctors not knowing a lot of treatments that they can diagnose two people suffering from this issue.

Because ADD and ADHD is actually a medical disorder in the brain. Medication only is a patch to fixing the symptoms. While not fixing the problem itself. Psychologist in Edmonton says many doctors are only aware of the medication solution. However this is not effective.

The reason why it’s not effective says psychologist Edmonton. Is because there are seven different types of ADD and ADHD. And only one of them responds at all to Medicine. This is why many people find that they don’t like taking the drugs that they are prescribed for their ADD and ADHD symptoms.


Getting Non Pharmaceutical Help With ADHD

At the best, it can fix one of the seven different types. Giving people relief. But for those who don’t find relief. They have to put up with their ADD and ADHD symptoms. As well as the symptoms that the medication causes as well.

At the extreme end, it is disruptive and they soon develop an intolerance to the medication, forcing them to quit it entirely. This isn’t very helpful. While doctors have no answers for you. The psychologist in Edmonton can assist with this situation as well. These are considered Schedule II narcotics, according on psychologist Edmonton. Addicting a large percentage of children who have ADD and ADHD. Is not a great idea. And a practice that doctors should stop doing.

How much more better solution is to take the sapphire to psychologist Edmonton. And have them perform what’s called an qeeg. Which stands for quantitative electroencephalogram. What this is is it takes a snapshot of the brain, or often referred to as a brain map. To allow the psychologist to see what the brain is doing. What brain waves are active, and to what level.

Once the psychologist knows exactly what’s going on in the brain. They use technology called neuro-feedback. The psychologist attaches sensors to the patient’s scalps to record and measure their brain waves. And then feed the formation to the brain to tell the brain if it is overreacting and we’re or if it is under reacting and where.

The brain can then start to rewire connections and starts to heal itself. While people who suffer from ADD and ADHD are not going to get cured. They can minimize or completely eliminates their symptoms so that they can lead a normal, healthy and happy life for a very long time.

According to psychology Edmonton, there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings about ADD and ADHD. Which is why people form judgments about those who have symptoms. The first thing you should realize is that this is a real medical illness. It has an effect on the brain.

According to a psychologist in Edmonton, one of the first misconceptions that many individuals hold about this condition is that it only affects youngsters. People will grow out of it as they get older. This isn’t correct. However, because the majority of people who are diagnosed are children.

However, psychologist Edmonton says it’s worth noting that overwhelming majority of children, 70% to be exact. Will carry their ADD and ADHD symptoms into adulthood. And currently there are 4% of American adults who are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

In Canada, that number translates into 1.1 million Canadian adults with ADD and ADHD. However, psychologist Edmonton estimates that this number is significantly underreported. Because of the fact that adults go undiagnosed.

However, in adults, their symptoms can worsen. As they start dealing with additional and adults problems such as their career, marriage, and raising their own family. When they deal with problems with untreated ADD and ADHD .There symptoms can manifest themselves into anxiety, depression, addiction and even alcoholism.

Another misconception about ADD and ADHD. It implies that people are slothful or don’t put out their best effort. This isn’t accurate at all. Even the most brilliant individuals in their discipline have been diagnosed with this illness. And continue to achieve great things in their chosen profession despite it.

Take Olympian Michael Phelps for example. Psychologists Edmonton says that he is the world’s most decorated Olympian in the history of the Olympics. But he also has ADD and ADHD. No one would dare say that Michael Phelps is lazy or not trying hard enough. But he had to overcome a significant amount of adversity. In order to overcome his symptoms, and become the great swimmer that he is.

Therefore, understanding that it exists and that it exists in adults. Is the first step to helping people get the diagnosis they need, and the treatment they deserve. To help ensure that they are going to live a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

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