Treating ADD and ADHD

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People who suffer from ADD and ADHD don’t just have to worry about their symptoms says psychologist Edmonton. They have to deal with other people’s misconceptions about what it is. And that their symptoms are actually controllable. However, not only is ADD and ADHD a brain disorder. It affects how people act. Which is often seen as controllable but this is not true.

Therefore, in order to help those people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD. People can start to understand the truth behind commonly-held misconceptions. So that they have more knowledge on how to deal with these people And their disorder.

One of the first things that people still believe, despite evidence to the contrary. Is that ADD and ADHD is not an actual medical disorder. This is absolutely and unequivocally false. That it is a brain disorder. That’s affects people’s actions.


Can The Brain Be Healed

Because it has an impact on people’s behavior. Those who are not Afflicted. They frequently believe they have little control over their emotions or actions. That many individuals believe they’re just lazy, or don’t want to self-control themselves. And it gets even worse when children are afflicted with this disease.

The next misconception that people often have about this medical disorder. Is that it only affect children. And that when children grow up, they will have minimized symptoms, and the symptoms will eventually go away. Again, psychology Edmonton says this is completely false as well.

Many people hold this to be fact, simply because more children are diagnosed. Because when adults have ADD and ADHD. It is often overlooked even by the suffers as a personality trait. If people have ever thought to themselves that they wish they could concentrate, or that they wish they could pay attention better. They often are in fact suffering from the consequences of having ADD and ADHD.

While children are frequently the ones who get diagnosed. 70% of all kids who get diagnosed will continue to have their symptoms into adulthood. And already, 1.1 million Canadian adults have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. This is more than likely a significant underestimate, according to psychologist Edmonton.

Adults with ADD and ADHD must deal with issues such as their career, relationships, and children when they are older. Those difficulties can be made worse. And begin to show up as anxiety, sadness, addiction, and alcoholism. It’s for this reason that psychologist Edmonton feels it’s critical for people to get diagnosed as soon as possible.

Many people suffer with ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. And not all of those people are children. There are many misconceptions that people have a boat ADD and ADHD. That can make it difficult for people, especially adults to seek treatment. causing them to suffer longer than they should.

According to psychologist in Edmonton, the first problem that individuals have with ADD and ADHD is that it’s only seen in males. That belief is called “only boys have it.” And because of this misconception, many parents write off their sons as tomboys.

Wild boys typically have external symptoms, such as impulse control and hyperactivity. Those are more often disruptive. And therefore recognized and diagnosed faster.

Psychologist Edmonton says girls tend to have more internal symptoms. Such as having a lower self-esteem and being more inattentive. Girls who have ADD and ADHD are often considered dreamers. For not paying attention in class.

However, since girls symptoms are not disruptive. They often don’t get called out for their behaviour. Which does not help them get diagnosed any faster.

The next common misconception about ADD and ADHD. Is that people with the condition are lazy or don’t try hard enough. This is simply untrue. It’s a neurological disease, to say the least. And attempting any harder will not help matters.

Many famous people have risen to their top of their chosen career Fields. Despite having ADD and ADHD. They just needed to get the right treatments to manage their symptoms. For example, musician and singer Justin Timberlake has been diagnosed as having ADD and ADHD. But that hasn’t stopped him from rising to the top of the music charts.

This syndrome has also been diagnosed in notable people such as comedian and actor Howie Mandel. He’s been able to battle his issues and is well regarded in his area of expertise. As a result, others will be able to utilize their ability. However, following therapy, they will be better equipped to do so.

The treatment that psychologist Edmonton recommends is called neuro-feedback. Which is a technology that can measure and read brain waves. And then send the feedback into the brain, to help repair broken connections. So that the brain can starts to heal itself.

This is a natural, a safe, and an effective way to reduce the symptoms of those who are suffering from ADD and ADHD. It’s so beneficial for overall brain health. That’s people who have a variety of brain issues can find this treatment beneficial. Including anxiety, depression, OCD, concussions and even those who are suffering from migraines.

Therefore, if people suspect that they have ADD or ADHD. Or have received a diagnosis. But have only been offered narcotics as a solution. Should contact psychologist in Edmonton today to see about getting a free consultation so that they can get the treatment they need in order to succeed in life.

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