Psychologist Edmonton 5 Myths About ADD and ADHD

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Parents who are frustrated with their child often take them to the doctor and get a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD according to a psychologist Edmonton. however, children as well as adults who suffer with ADD and ADHD should understand that it is a legitimate medical disorder. That’s can be managed so that people can end up living a full and healthy lifestyle.

In fact, many people needs to understand that there are many myths associated with ADD and ADHD. That once they know the truth behind the Smiths. Can help ensure that children or adults who re suffering from this medical disorder. Can obtain great treatment for it.

The first myth about ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Is that it is not a real medical disorder. This is extremely harmful to people who are actually suffering from either one of those disorders.


Can The Brain Learn And Heal

And many people believe that it is due to a lack of discipline or that people are lazy. Many people have a lot of energy and trouble focusing. Giving people the idea that it is a discipline problem and not a medical disorder.

It is actually a very common medical disorder. Affecting a 6% of all children between the ages of 4 and 16 in Canada. And while it presents itself with people who are not focus, or full of energy. It has nothing to do with people being lazy or lacking discipline.

The idea that ADD and ADHD only affects youngsters is the next miss associated with ADD and ADHD. And as children grow up, their problems go away. This isn’t actually true, according to psychologist in Edmonton. Because not just will kids have it. They’ll also have it as adults because they carried on with their symptoms into adulthood.

1.1 million Canadian adults have been diagnosed with ADHD. Although, psychologist Edmonton suspect that this is a significantly under-reported number. As many adults with symptoms go undiagnosed. Or, have their symptoms be overlooked as a personality trait.

Adults with ADD or ADHD may also have difficulties coping with adult issues such as work and marriage. It might manifest itself in a variety of stress symptoms. This leads to additional problems including addiction. As a result, adults with ADD and ADHD should recognize that their problems are real.

In fact, there are treatment options that are Beyond medication. Because while medication is often the only option presented to many sufferers of ADD and ADHD. It’s not actually the only treatment. And only works in one out of seven different types of ADHD.

Making it an ineffective choice for those who are suffering from the effects of this medical disorder. There are safe alternatives to taking medicine. That will require a person seeking out a psychologist Edmonton to figure out what’s their best course of action will be.

It’s very important for people to know that ADD and ADHD is a real medical disorder says psychologist Edmonton. Because many people do not believe that it is actually a disorder. And think of it in terms of personality traits.

What’s more, the misconception about what ADD and ADHD is. This might lead to some very serious assumptions. And it’s critical that people are aware of the prevalent misconceptions associated with this medical condition.

The first myth that people often believe according to psychologist Edmonton. Is that only boys have it. And that if boys do have the symptoms, it’s commonly written off as boys just being boys.

While the ratio of confirmed cases is 321. Girls can definitely have ADD and ADHD. However, it is under-reported and girls. Because of the way the symptoms manifest in the feminine gender.

Wild boys have external symptoms such as impulsivity and hyperactivity. Girls have internal symptoms which are likely to be low self-esteem and inattentiveness.

Psychologist Edmonton says that since girls are typically less disruptive with their symptoms, it commonly goes unreported or under notice.

This does a big detriment to females who have ADD or ADHD. Because instead of getting treatment, they are considered instead of inattentive, lazy. However with the right treatment, these girls who seem inattentive can start developing a great Focus as well as increased self-esteem.

The next myth that many people have about people with ADD and ADHD is that they are lazy or not disciplined. They could be accused of not trying hard enough, or just that they aren’t trying at all.

This is again not true, and can be a significant problem for those who are trying very hard to succeed. In fact, there are many well-known and successful people who have learned how to overcome their symptoms in order to find success.

The decorated Olympian in history, swimmer Michael Phelps has been diagnosed with ADHD. Including musician Justin Timberlake and comedian Howie Mandel. This proves that people with ADD and ADHD can function just fine. They are smart, they can focus, and can pay attention. They just need to know that they have a disorder that is treatable.

The last myth that many people believe is that medication is the only treatment that works. And while this is not true. Medication is often the only answer presented to many parents.

While certain drugs can help some ADHD people, according to psychologist in Edmonton, they’re not always effective. Only one out of every seven types of ADHD responds to this.

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