Misconceptions About ADD & ADHD

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It can be extremely frustrating if people or their children are suffering with symptoms of ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. In fact, it can be very difficult because many people do not believe that this is a medical order that exists. This can impact treatment. As well as impact people’s perception, and treatment of those who are suffering.

There are several misconceptions about this medical disorder. And the sooner people can understand the truth behind it. The sooner people can end the stigma. And get proper treatment.

The first misconception that people should be aware of is incorrect. It’s thought that ADD and ADHD are not a genuine medical condition. They have this opinion. Because the symptoms appear as behaviors. As a result, many individuals believe that those who have ADD or ADHD are slackers or lack self-control.


Discovering Effective ADHD Treatments

The second myth that many people believe about ADD and ADHD that is incorrect. Is that it only affects children. Not only that, but many people believe that children will also outgrow the symptoms older they get.

ADD and ADHD affects 6% of all children in Canada between the ages of four and sixteen. And 70% of children who have it will continue having symptoms into adulthood. The result is that 1.1 million Canadian adults have been identified as having ADD and ADHD.

According to psychologist in Edmonton, however, these figures are almost certainly underreported. Because as adults, they are usually unacknowledged. Their symptoms are frequently attributed to personality traits. ADD and ADHD can affect people more severely as adults. When it comes to adult issues such as work, love, or family difficulties, for example.

Therefore, the sooner people can understand the truth behind this medical disorder. The sooner they can end the stigma that affects many people getting treatment. If adults realize that it is not a personality fault of theirs. And that it is a medical condition. Can help prompt them to find the help they need according to psychologist Edmonton.

While there are not a lot of treatments available. And often, the treatments include medication. This is not the only way that people can get help. By going to psychologist Edmonton. People can get a Q E e.g. Which is a quantitative electroencephalogram. And that can take a picture of people’s brains.

The psychologist will be able to see what the brain is doing, what brain waves are active and to what level. Using this information, they can use in neuro-feedback to help heal and retrain the brain.

Once people understand that their symptoms are part of a larger problem. Can empower them to get help that they need. And help parents understand that there is help for their children. That can significantly reduce symptoms and increase their quality of life.

ADD and ADHD is highly misunderstood according to psychologist Edmonton. And many people and up believing that it is not an actual medical disorder because of how symptoms present. However, this is dangerous to believe. Because it can cause people to not seek out treatment. When that can be extremely helpful.

There are a lot of misconceptions that people believe about ADD and ADHD. That can only contribute to the stigma. And cause people to avoid getting treatment. By unlearning these falsehoods. People can end up understanding the condition more. And get the treatment that they need that can help them significantly.

One of the most common myths that people believe about this medical disorder. Is that only boys have it, or that their actions are just boys being boys. Psychologist Edmonton says that while the ratio of confirmed cases is three boys for every girl. This is often because of how the symptoms manifest themselves in each gender.

Boys tend to have more external symptoms. Which include impulsivity and hyperactivity. Because those symptoms are more disruptive. Especially in a classroom setting. They end up getting diagnosed, and treated much more often than girls.

Psychologist Edmonton says that girls on the other hand have symptoms that are more internal. Such as inattentiveness and low self-esteem. Teachers often recognize that girls who are suffering from ADD and ADHD seem to be daydreaming. But since they are not disruptive to their classroom, they go undiagnosed.

Many individuals have a mistaken belief about this medical condition. It’s thought that people with ADD or ADHD are lazy or aren’t trying hard enough. This is completely untrue. People who suffer from the symptoms may also have to work even harder as a result of it.

This is the danger of misunderstanding this medical disorder according to psychologist Edmonton. Because if people misunderstand it. It will go undiagnosed, and having people expect more out of patience than they can actually deliver.

With the right treatment, those suffering with ADD and ADHD can go want to be extremely successful in their chosen careers. And make use of the gifts of creativity and spontaneity that come with ADD and ADHD. It can help them even more successful.

The first step to getting the proper treatment. Is getting the right diagnosis. And if people have ADD or ADHD. Or suspect they or their children do. They should see psychologist Edmonton. To talk about all of the different treatment options that are available. Especially if they want to avoid medicating themselves or their children.

For the right treatment, people can heal their brains, and reduce symptoms of ADD and ADHD. So that they can leads healthy and normal life.

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