Living With ADD And ADHD

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Living with ADD and ADHD can be frustrating says psychologist Edmonton. Not only can it holds people or children suffering from it back. It can also make other parts of their life difficult. This is because many people misunderstand ADD and ADHD.

To assist individuals in locating a diagnosis as well as the best treatment. The goal is to assist people and minimize the stigma surrounding this neurological disease. And also allowing those who are unfamiliar with it. To understand what symptoms to look for. Many persons view these qualities as personal characteristics rather than issues with parenting.

It affects how the brain is wired. And people with ADD and ADHD often have important connections in the brain miss wired. Or lacking that connection altogether. Which manifests itself in a number of different symptoms. Including having too much energy, and having trouble focusing.



Helping people understand the truth behind ADD and ADHD can help those people who are suffering with symptoms. Feel comfortable enough to reach out and get a diagnosis that can help them.

The first thing that people need to understand is that it is in fact a real medical disorder. It is not laziness or lack of discipline. And when people understand this, it can significantly help those people who are suffering from it. Reach out and find treatment.

The next thing that people need to understand about ADD and ADHD. Is that it does not only affect children. Many people believe this, because most of the diagnosis of this disorder happen in childhood. And while many people often believe that children will outgrow their symptoms. This is also not true.

Psychologist Edmonton says there are 1.1 million Canadian adults who have ADD HD. But it is thought that these numbers are significantly underreported. Because if adults are not diagnosed in childhood, there symptoms are often overlooked as personality traits.

ADD and ADHD symptoms, on the other hand, can get worse as adults grow older. As individuals become more involved with more complicated issues, such as work and family. And when these symptoms get progressively worse, they may manifest as sadness, worry, alcohol or substance abuse. which just adds to the problem.

The next misunderstanding that people have about ADD and ADHD is that it only affects boys. This is because boys get diagnosed more often than girls. But that is primarily because boys symptoms are more external. Showing up as poor impulse control and hyperactivity.

While the signs that females experience are mostly internal. They show as low self-esteem, lack of attention and inattentiveness. Because the symptoms that boys have produce more distractions. Especially in a classroom. They receive more attention and are given a diagnosis.

While ADHD is the most diagnosed neurodevelopment disorder of childhood according to psychologist Edmonton. It is often the most misunderstood as well. Leading people who are experiencing symptoms to not get a proper diagnosis. And ultimately, not getting treatment for this medical disorder.

Even if they do obtain a correct diagnosis. It does not always make finding treatment any easier. Many doctors will promote medication as the only solution because it works quickly when it is effective. And, while this isn’t completely accurate, it’s also true that doctors are quick to recommend medicines. Because when it works, it works incredibly fast.

However, there are seven different kinds of ADD and ADHD. And only one type responds to medication. So even if doctors present it is the only solution. It is not going to end up helping the vast majority of patients with this problem.

And even then, many people, and especially parents of children are hesitant. To give their children a schedule to narcotic in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines on a daily basis.

When people believe that this is the only treatment accessible to them, regardless of how hesitant they are, they often give in. Because that therapy is preferable to no treatment at all in their minds. However, psychologist Edmonton has a remedy. That can really help people with ADD and ADHD symptoms.

By utilizing a quantitative electroencephalogram. The psychologist is able to make a map of a patient’s brain. And then see what brain waves are active and to what level. To see if there is a brain in balance.

If there is, they use a technology called neuro-feedback. That uses sensors on the patient’s scalp to read and measure brain waves. And then send feedback into the brain about where connections need to be fixed or made.

The brain can then start to repair those connections, or make them where they are missing. Through this treatment, psychologist Edmonton says that patients can significantly reduce their symptoms. Or find that the symptoms that they had can completely go away.

This treatment requires absolutely no drugs. And can help a number of problems within the brain. By helping the brain learn where it needs to heal. Therefore, not only sufferers of ADD and ADHD can get help. Those suffering from anxiety, depression, or obsessive compulsive disorder.

And even people who are experiencing mild brain damage such as problems from concussions. Or those who have suffered from migraines can help heal their brain.

Therefore, anyone who think that there is an alternative to their symptoms or their children’s symptoms other than taking narcotics. Need to understand that this is in fact the case. And to contact psychologist Edmonton for free consultation to find out how they can start helping themselves through this cutting edge technology.

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