Learning How to Live With ADHD

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It can be quite frustrating for people living with ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Not only because the symptoms make it very difficult for people to get through things such as schooling. But it is also frustrating, because it is often a misunderstood medical disorder. That many people do not even acknowledge as existing.

The reason why so many others are unable to accept it as a genuine medical condition is due to the fact that the symptoms do not correspond with any existing diagnosis. Because of this, people think it’s made up. People frequently have trouble concentrating and focusing. In addition, they have a lot of energy.

Even worse, many people even claim that children who have ADD and ADHD are simply suffering from a lack of disciplined parenting says psychologist Edmonton.


When an overwhelming majority of people fail to recognize that it is a medical disorder. Can actually keep people from seeking out a diagnosis. Because instead of recognizing that they have a problem that can be treated. They think that they simply need to try harder than they already are.

This can be very damaging to people. Because those who are suffering from ADD and ADHD are neither lazy, nor not trying hard enough. They often are trying much harder than their peers to accomplish the same amount. And once they get an effective treatment. Can go on and excel in their chosen field.

Michael Phelps, the single most decorated Olympic athlete in history, has ADD and ADHD. And when he found a treatment that worked for him, he was able to excel and rise to the top of his field. Other people who have overcome their issues in order to succeed include artist and singer Justin Timberlake, comedian and actor Howie Mandel.

By telling people that what they have is not valid, or they simply are not trying hard enough. Can be enough of the stigma that can be damaging to their self-esteem, and keep them from seeking out the appropriate treatment.

Even parents of children who are told that it is their fault their children are this way. May end up not seeking treatment, which can lead to a lifetime of problems. As people try to manage their ADD and ADHD symptoms.

In fact, when it goes undiagnosed and untreated. Children carry these symptoms into adulthood. Where they become exacerbated. By mixing their symptoms with adult problems. Such as the stresses associated with their career, and starting a family.

When adults have undiagnosed and untreated ADD and ADHD. Psychologist Edmonton says their problems can start to manifest as anxiety, oppression and even addiction.

Therefore, by simply helping people understand that ADD and ADHD is an actual medical disorder. Can help end the stigma for so many people. So that they can get a proper diagnosis. Which will allow them to seek out treatment, that can help them manage their symptoms.

Despite the fact that ADHD is the most common neurodevelopmental disease in children, according to psychologist Edmonton, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Even the therapies accessible are few and far between. And while they may be somewhat helpful. People and parents frequently accept medication as a viable treatment option when faced with no other viable treatment choices.

However, he will need to understand that the hesitation to take a powerful narcotic on a daily basis. Or expect their child to do the same is well-founded.

While Ritalin or Adderall can be effective for some people suffering from ADD and ADHD. There are seven different kinds of this disorder, and only one of them is the kind that responds to medication.

Prescribing a narcotic is not an effective treatment for the majority of persons who are suffering from symptoms. In fact, the symptoms are frequently far more invasive and intrusive than those associated with ADD or ADHD alone. So, even if it is a good solution.

People who are looking for an alternative should contact a psychologist in Edmonton. And find out what type of technology they’re utilizing to treat symptoms of ADD and ADHD. A quantitative electroencephalogram is used to generate a brain map.

This allows psychologist Edmonton to be able to create a map about what the brain is doing, but brain waves are active and in what level. They can determine if there are any imbalances in the brain. And if so, create a treatment option using neuro- feedback technology.

By attaching brain sensors to the scalp of the patient. They are able to read and measure the patient’s brain waves. And then send feedback the same way into the brain. To tell it where it is overreacting, and where it is under reacting. So it can learn where it needs to heal itself.

Depending on the type and severity of ADD and ADHD that a patient is suffering. A patient may undergo several different neuro-feedback sessions to continue to repair the brain and reduce their symptoms.

Not only is this natural and safe. But it is also an effective way as well as a cost-effective way of helping patients who are suffering from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It is effective for both adults and children. And is able to help heal the brain from a wide variety of other brain issues.

It can help people who are suffering from anxiety, and depression even if it is caused by their ADD and ADHD symptoms. As well as people who have OCD, migraines, or have suffered mild brain damage from concussions.

Therefore, with how effective this treatment is. Anyone who would like some more information can arrange a free consultation with psychologist Edmonton. To find out more about their technology, and how it can potentially help them.

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