Learning About ADD & ADHD

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According to psychologist Edmonton, people who suffer from ADD and ADHD are frequently misdiagnosed. Because the symptoms often show up as actions. Many individuals believe that they may be readily managed. As a result, it might be quite tough for those with ADD and ADHD to not only manage their symptoms, but also deal with the prejudice surrounding their illness.

The first thing that people must understand is that ADD and ADHD are a genuine medical condition. Many individuals believe it isn’t real. And that those who are experiencing symptoms are lazy, lack discipline, or are the victims of bad parenting. None of these statements is correct. However, many people with ADD and ADHD have an excessive amount of energy.

According to psychologist Edmonton, the next thing that people should understand about ADD and ADHD is that it only affects children. Children will outgrow it as they get older, according to this expert.


What To Expect When Getting Diagnosed

The reason why many people believe this, is because it is more easily diagnosed in childhood. However, 70% of all children who have symptoms will carry those symptoms into adulthood.

While current numbers show that 1.1 million Canadian adults have ADHD. Psychologist Edmonton believes that these numbers are significantly underreported. And represent cases that were children who are diagnosed, growing into adults.

When people realize that even grownups can have ADD and ADHD. It may no longer be considered a personality trait. And it will be recognized as a medical illness for the first time. This is crucial. Because when adults are dealing with their own issues, such as jobs, relationships, and parenting, in addition to childhood behavioral problems.

Once people understand that this is real medical disorder. It can feel more comfortable in reaching out and getting a diagnosis. However, one big problem with that is Drs. often only present medication as a solution.

Many people believe that this is due to the fact that medication can be a fast solution. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that medicine only works effectively in individuals with one type of ADD or ADHD. And there are seven distinct types. The majority of those treated with medicines discover no benefit from them.

That can help them find in natural, safe and effective way to heal their brain, and reduce symptoms of their disorder.

It can be very difficult to be someone who has ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Because many people are assumed to be lazy, or that they are not trying.

But because of the stigma surrounding this medical disorder. It often goes undiagnosed, allowing the symptoms to be exacerbated into adulthood. However, with the right treatment, people can reduce or eliminate their symptoms. And go on to lead exceptionally productive and successful lives.

For example, one of the most decorated Olympians in history, swimmer Michael Phelps. Was diagnosed at an early age of having ADD and ADHD. By overcoming his symptoms, he is able to work extremely hard, to become the most successful person in his field.

Gymnasts Simone Biles, musician and singer Justin Timberlake, and comedian Howie Mandel are just a few examples of famous individuals who overcame their issues to attain great success. While therapy that includes medication in one form or another is often the answer.

Not only are the medicines that are often used for ADD and ADHD harmful. They often have their own side effects that can be more problematic than the symptoms of the disorder itself.

While Ritalin and Adderall are often prescribed for treating symptoms of ADD and ADHD area these are scheduled to narcotics that are put into the same category as amphetamines, morphine and cocaine. And many people are left believing that there is a better way.

If people suspect that they are dealing with ADD and ADHD. Or they have received a diagnosis. And they are looking for better treatment option. They should contact psychologist Edmonton.

By using cutting-edge technology called a quantitative electroencephalogram. Or a QT for short. The psychologist does able to create a map of the person’s brain, to understand what brain waves are active and to what level.

By utilizing neuro feedback. Edmonton Psychologist attach sensors to the patient’s scalp. In order to read as well as measure brain waves. Then, feedback information is sent back into the brain, telling it where it is overreacting, and where it is under reacting.

The brain can heal itself when it obtains this information. People who have ADD and ADHD may discover that they can significantly reduce their symptoms using this all-natural, safe therapy. It can aid those suffering from concussions and migraines, as well as other neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression. It’s a powerful tool for healing the brain.

The first step to getting the proper treatment is diagnosis. And once the stigma about ADD and ADHD ends, can help people reach out and start to get diagnosed for this problem. And once they have a diagnosis, it can empower them to find the treatment that is going to be most effective for them.

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