Is Medication The Best Treatment For ADHD?

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Most people struggle just to get a diagnosis when they are suffering from symptoms of ADD and ADHD says psychology Edmonton. But something important to keep in mind, is that there are not a lot of treatments to this disorder. And not of the treatments that are effective are known by general practitioners.

In reality, many doctors claim that just the use of medicine is enough to cure those with ADD and ADHD. Because it can be quite beneficial in certain situations. And it provides a quick answer. However, individuals must understand that there are seven distinct kinds of ADD and ADHD. But only one of them responds to medication.

Even with people who find relief, find that the side effects to these schedule to narcotics are more intrusive than the symptoms of ADD and ADHD themselves.


Can The Brain Be Healed

And even in those who take the medication and find relief. And up developing an immunity to the medicine. And have to find another alternative anyway.

Some of the most common medicines that doctors prescribe for people suffering with ADD and ADHD is it Ritalin and Adderall. Psychologist Edmonton says these are very powerful medications. That are placed in the same category of narcotics as cocaine, amphetamines and morphine.

While these medicines are recognized for their efficacy in assisting patients heal. They also have a significant risk of addiction and abuse. As a result, many individuals are hesitant to take this medicine, even when it is the only option for their condition.

This means that many people are left on their own trying to manage their symptoms. And some resorts to changing their lifestyle and diet to manage symptoms. They cut out processed foods, sugar and caffeine. As well as limit their screen time. In an effort to make their symptoms more manageable.

And while this can be somewhat effective. It does not significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms. But is typical advice given to people who are struggling with a variety of health issues.

For people who are still finding no relief from their symptoms. They find help with psychologist Edmonton. Who uses cutting-edge technology to find out what is going on in the brain that needs to be healed. And then using that technology to help the brain heal itself.

By using a quantitative electroencephalogram, often referred to as a QEEG. Allows psychologist Edmonton to create a brain map, to understand what the brain is doing.

They will be able to tell what brain waves are active and how strong they are. And where there are imbalances. Then, by utilizing neuro-feedback technology. The psychologist applies sensors to the patient’s scalp to read and record brain activity. And then sends information into the brain indicating where it is needed to heal.

Not only is this all natural, but it is safe and effective. And does not require the use of any drugs. People who use this method to heal their brains. Often not only reduce their symptoms. But eliminate them completely.

According to psychologist Edmonton, dealing with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD can be very frustrating. Mostly because many people misunderstand their condition. Accusing individuals with ADD or ADHD of being lazy or lackadaisical. People who are suffering from this diagnosis commonly put off or avoid getting treatment for fear that it will make things worse.

When in fact, the problem is they are missing important connections in their brain. That will help them regulate their behaviour.

People suffering from ADD and ADHD often have an overabundance of energy, and can be disruptive. As well as being impulsive and have trouble focusing.

As these symptoms exists as the child grows up into an adult. Psychologist Edmonton says they find that the symptoms tend to get worse when under the same stresses that adults face.

Stresses like work, relationships and family problems, and managing bills and household. Can end up exacerbating their symptoms. Causing additional symptoms such as anxiety, and depression which can also lead to addiction and alcoholism.

Trying to help adults once their symptoms get this bad can be very difficult. Which is why it is very important that people get a diagnosis and treatment much sooner in their life.

While many people have the experience of going to their doctor to find out that medication is the only viable treatment. This actually is not true. However, when they hear from their doctor that there is no other option, they can start to believe that.

While medication may be beneficial in one specific type of ADD or ADHD, it does not help the majority of people suffering from symptoms. And finding a method to heal your brain rather than treating the symptoms and not the reason is a much superior option for individuals.

Many of those who suffer from this type of mental illness are unaware that any therapy or treatment may be beneficial. As a result, they frequently attempt to control their illnesses by changing their lifestyle or diet. Alternatively, they may attempt to live with the symptoms on their own. They do, however, have a cure for this neurodevelopment disease.

In fact, there treatment is so effective at helping the brain heal. That not only patients who are suffering from ADD or ADHD can find relief. It can help heal a number of other brain-based issues. Such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety.

The realization that you can heal your mind and body without the use of prescription drugs has never been more important. This is especially true for those who have suffered a brain injury, have migraines, or have had their brain somewhat damaged by a concussion. The first psychological consultation in Edmonton is entirely free.

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