How to Treat ADD and ADHD

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According to psychologist in Edmonton, the first step in treating ADD and ADHD is to accept that they exist. Many people don’t believe that this is a real brain disease. This leads to many people being misdiagnosed. In fact, the symptoms of ADD and ADHD include lack of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

This is incredibly dangerous thinking. That will keep people from getting the diagnosis they need in order to find the treatments that is going to be most beneficial for them.

In fact, psychologist Edmonton claims that there are several myths that people hold about this condition. That’s by informing the public. They will be able to discover the truth and assist persons with ADD and ADHD in finding the therapy they require to flourish in life. One of the first misconceptions that individuals believe is correct when it isn’t.


Healing Your Brain

The reason why, is because in adults, the symptoms are often overlooked as a personality flaw. When it actually is a miswiring of their brain. Psychology Edmonton says that 70% of all children who have symptoms will carry those symptoms into adulthood. And while 6% of all children between the ages of 4 to 16 suffer from ADD and ADHD.

1.1 million Canadian adults have been diagnosed with this disorder. But psychologists Edmonton estimates that this is a grossly under-reported number. Since adults tend to go undiagnosed more than children. There’s probably more than that in Canada with ADD and ADHD.

When it comes to children and ADD/ADHD, popular misconceptions abound. That is also untrue. According to Psychology Edmonton, the reason for this is that more boys are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD because their symptoms are more external. They frequently lack the capacity to regulate their urges, as well as being hyperactive.

Therefore, teachers will have more disruptions with boys who have ADD and ADHD. Which will lead to a diagnosis much sooner. But in girls, they have their symptoms internally. Which means they are often accused of not paying attention, daydreaming and they have low self-esteem.

When girls are not disrupting the class, they are less likely to be called out and subsequently diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD, according to psychologists in Edmonton. When people learn the truth about ADD and ADHD. They can become better advocates for their friends and family who have this condition.

ADD and ADHD is a very frustrating disorder to have sez psychology Edmonton. Because so many people think that it’s false. Or believe all sorts of made-up stuff about this disorder. They need to realize that it is real, and the symptoms are not as easily controlled is people assume. And the sooner people start believing this. The sooner people can get the treatment they need.

While this is a genuine disease. Many people believe that the only therapy accessible or effective is medication. The reason for this lies in psychology in Edmonton. Because it is frequently the only treatment offered by doctors to their patients. And while many parents are hesitant to give their children a strong narcotic drug.

What people should know about the medication used to treat ADD and ADHD. Is that it’s considered a schedule 2 narcotic. Which means it’s placed in the same category as cocaine, amphetamines and morphine. The most commonly prescribed drugs are ritalin and adderall. And not only are these very powerful drugs. They also carry their own serious side effects and can be harmful.

However, many parents are not informed of this. There are seven distinctive sorts of ADD and ADHD. And medicines just work in one of those types. As a result, when their child is prescribed narcotics, they should have concern. When this may be entirely unwarranted.

How much better solution according to psychologist Edmonton. Is to take those people who are suffering from ADD and ADHD to get a quantitative electroencephalogram. This will take a snapshot of the patient’s brain. In order to create a brain map. That’s going to allow the psychologist to figure out if there are any imbalances in the brain, and if there are. They can fix that with neuro-feedback.

What neuro-feedback is according to psychologist Edmonton. Is technology that uses sensors attached to the patient’s skull. To read and measure brain waves. Then give feedback information to the brain. When the brain over-reacts, the neuro-feedback technology tells it where it’s overreacting. And if it’s under reacts. Then the neuro-feedback device will be able to tell the brain where. So that the brain can start to heal itself.

Psychologist Edmonton says this is the only natural, safe and effective way to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. In fact, this machine is so beneficial at helping the brain repair itself. That it is now being used to help things like anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, concussions and migraines just to name a few.

With how effective neuro-feedback is. Anyone who is or suspect that they are suffering from ADD and ADHD should get themselves to psychologist Edmonton right away to get a quantitative electroencephalogram to figure out how they can start healing their brain from the inside out.

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