Effective Treatment for ADD and ADHD

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It is hard enough for people to have to suffer with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD according to psychologist Edmonton. Without being told by strangers that their disorder doesn’t exist. And they would be able to live a happy and healthy lifestyle if only they weren’t so lazy.

Many people do not believe that ADD and ADHD is a disorder. Because it affects people’s personality traits. And their actions. Which are often regarded as something that is very controllable. However, for people suffering with this medical disorder. Their brain is simply not wired correctly. Which is why they have a hard time with things like concentration and impulse control.

Doctors simply gave medication to patients. Many people believe that this is the only treatment that works. According to a psychologist in Edmonton, when it’s just the treatments that doctors are most experienced with. While medicine can be quite effective and beneficial to some individuals. The majority of people do not respond favorably to this therapy.


Non-Medicated ADHD Treatment Options Edmonton Psychology Clinic

Many individuals are unaware that the medicine their physicians prescribe for this condition is a narcotic. The term “narcotics” is used to describe them. And it’s not just any narcotics; they’re schedule two narcotics. Some common ADD and ADHD medications include ritalin and adderall. They aren’t only strong, according to psychologist Edmonton.

A Schedule II means that the narcotics tends to have medicinal value. Such as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines do. But also have an extremely high potential for abuse and addiction.

Therefore, doctors prescribing millions of children with powerful narcotics. Without knowing it’s going to be effective on them. Can be very dangerous.

And while parents often are very hesitant to put their child on this medication. They do hear the doctors, when they say many people are helped with this. And it’s true. They are still hesitant to put their child on this medication. Because if it doesn’t help. It can do a lot of harm.

However, psychologist Edmonton says doctors are not aware of other treatments. That can be more beneficial such as neuro-feedback. If people suspect they have ADD and ADHD. Or they’ve been diagnosed, and they want to find an alternative to narcotics.

They can guess what is called a qeeg. Which is a quantitative electroencephalogram. What this is, is a snapshot of what the brain is doing. Or a brain map. That will help the psychologist understand what the brain is doing, what brain waves are active. And to want level the brain waves are active.

If the brain mapping shows that there are imbalances in the brain. One of the best as well as most effective treatments is utilizing feedback.

This can aid the brain in learning how to repair dysfunctional or missing connections. So not only can it heal itself, but it may also help people cope with these symptoms. If individuals believe they are suffering from the effects of ADD and ADHD, psychology in Edmonton suggests that they schedule an appointment for a qeeg.

This treatment is going to significantly help people repair the Missed Connections in their brain. So that they can eliminate their symptoms. And get back to Leading a normal and healthy life. Not only is this natural, but it’s completely safe and effective in all types of ADD and ADHD.

This is in fact so helpful at helping the brain heal itself. That psychologist Edmonton says people who are suffering from things like anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder. As well as people who have had concussions, and who are suffering from regular migraines. Can find relief from these brain disorders as well.

However, getting an ADD or ADHD diagnosis is quite challenging. Children are labeled hyperactive, daydreamers, or undisciplined when it’s off and written off as such. In fact, psychologist Edmonton claims that parents are frequently blamed for the behavioral issues linked to ADD and ADHD.

However, if more people understood that ADD and ADHD is a disorder of the brain. They may not be so quick to blame the child or the parents for their symptoms. This is the first step in to identifying if a student or an adult has this Medical disorder. And if they do, What treatments are available to them.

Boys and girls have different symptoms. Furthermore, external symptoms are more common in boys. Hyperactivity and poor impulse control are examples of this. nIn girls, their issues are more internal. Inattentiveness and low self-esteem are examples of this in females. Because school is less likely to be interrupted by a girl.

However to lump all of these people into the lazy or unmotivated category is very dangerous says psychology Edmonton. Because those who are suffering with ADD and ADHD are likely trying harder than anyone to behave, and learn. But they just don’t know how to manage their symptoms.

Once the symptoms are managed, they can go on to achieve great things in any area they choose. For example, the most decorated Olympic athletes in the history of the games, Michael Phelps. Has suffered from ADD and ADHD for many years. But once he managed his symptoms, he was under football in his chosen field, which is competitive swimming.

Other famous people who have overcome their symptoms to succeed include Olympic gymnast Simone biles, musician, actor and singer Justin Timberlake. As well as comedian and actor Canadian Howie Mandel.

The right treatments is the key to minimizing symptoms and unlocking the potential that everyone who has ADD and ADHD has within them. They just need to find a doctor or psychologist Edmonton that believes them. And can help get them the treatment they so desperately need in order to succeed in this world.

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