Discovering The Truth About ADHD

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Despite the fact that so many people have an ADD or ADHD diagnosis in Canada according to psychologist Edmonton. Any people still fail to recognize that it is an actual medical disorder.

People tend to think that ADD and ADHD is simply a lack of discipline, or laziness. In this can keep people from adding the diagnosis that they need. An order to find a treatment that can help them manage their symptoms.

The reason why people are not convinced it exists is because the symptoms that manifest themselves frequently seem to be personality characteristics. Or that it’s the result of poor parenting. When in fact, ADD and ADHD are neurodevelopment disorders that occur when the brain doesn’t get properly connected, and has faulty links and connections that do not exist in the brain.


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Although most individuals are diagnosed in childhood. This also leads people to believe that it is a condition that only affects youngsters. And that as children mature into adults, their symptoms will go away. Adults with ADD and ADHD are not always identified until later in life. They’re often misunderstood as being lazy or disorganized.

According to psychologist Edmonton, this is a major problem. Because when adults go undiagnosed. Their symptoms can worsen as they deal with adult issues such as job and family growth. And individuals with ADD and ADHD may develop depression, anxiety, or even addiction and alcoholism as a result of this.

Once they are diagnosed however, it presents a wide variety of other problems. And the lack of available treatment is one of them. Doctors often present medication is the only treatment that works.

And while this is not true. It is often the only treatment that doctors are aware of. Or the only one that typically gets results quickly. So it is often the one that is suggested.

The issue with that is that medication does not work for everyone who has ADD and ADHD. Because there are seven distinct types of ADD and ADHD. And only one of them responds to medicine. However, because it is simple to administer. And there is no need for a change in lifestyle. Doctors frequently offer it as a solution quick and easy.

The biggest problem with medication, is that the medicine that is used, are considered schedule to narcotics. During the same category as amphetamines, morphine and narcotics.

If people and parents have an issue with taking an extremely powerful narcotic on a daily basis. It is with good reason. Often the side effects can be worse than the symptoms themselves. And can cause people who are taking the medication to quit, because they are unable to manage those side effects.

Therefore, people looking for an alternative treatment should contact psychologist Edmonton. Because they use cutting edge technology to actually create a map of the brain. To come up with a treatment plan that is natural, safe and effective in reducing symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Despite the fact that ADD and ADHD is the most diagnosed neurodevelopment disorder says psychologist Edmonton. It is still very misunderstood by many people. Who even failed to recognize that it is an actual legitimate medical disorder.

When others think that the problems they experience are caused by laziness or lack of discipline. It may create a prejudice against those who seek help. They blame themselves for not being able to focus or get organized, thus they conclude that something is wrong with them. When, in reality, the problem is within their head.

If individuals are not diagnosed as children. They are unlikely to be identified as adults. Because many people believe that childhood outgrowing occurs as children get older. Often go undetected in kids because they don’t disrupt their classes. Simply because they were not disrupting their class or obtaining the attention they needed to receive a diagnosis.

This implies that there are three boys for every girl in the confirmed cases pool. Many women who have symptoms of ADD and ADHD may not even know whether or not they have ADD and ADHD.

The use cutting-edge technology with a QEEG machine which stands for a quantitative electroencephalogram. Which allows them to take a snapshot and create a map of the patient’s brain.

This allows them to see the brain waves that are active in the brain, and how active they are. And if there are any imbalances.

They can then formulate a treatment plan using neuro- feedback technology. That uses sensors to send information into the brain about where it has connections that are incorrect, or connections that are missing altogether.

A combination of neuro-feedback sessions might be used to help the brain heal itself. A psychologist in Edmonton may begin to assist the patient’s brain heal. This will effectively decrease ADD and ADHD symptoms. This is done without the necessity for strong narcotics or a major change in one’s lifestyle.

Not only is the quantitative electroencephalogram and neuro-feedback so effective at treating ADD and ADHD. It can treat a wide variety of problems and disorders of the brain. Such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

This is such a powerful therapy that if anyone would want more information or to see whether they qualify for this treatment, they should contact a psychologist in Edmonton.

To see if they would be able to manage their symptoms, so that they can live a normal and healthy life.

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