Are ADHD Symptoms Treatable?

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There is a lot of stigma surrounding ADD and ADHD says psychologist Edmonton. Primarily, because many people do not believe that it is a medical disorder. In fact, they often believe that the symptoms that people have are things that they are able to control. Which leads to a lot of misconceptions about this disorder.

Symptoms can often manifest themselves by hyperactivity, being unable to focus or concentrate. Being inattentive, disorganized or lacking impulse control. Many people believe that those who are suffering from ADD and ADHD can simply control their behaviour. If they try hard enough.

This is simply not true. But to the pervasiveness of that idea has persisted, which allows to be a lot of stigma associated with this medical disorder.


Often, if people are not diagnosed in childhood. They end up going undiagnosed as an adult. Because once a child reaches adulthood, the symptoms that they have are often overlooked as a personality trait.

Worse yet, many individuals with this condition believe that they must try harder or overcome their problems on their own. And many parents are held responsible for their children’s actions. They may be unwilling to discover a diagnosis because of these beliefs.

However, getting children diagnosed can be very difficult as well. Psychologist Edmonton says that while 6% of children between the ages of four and sixteen in Canada have this diagnosis.

It is often still underdiagnosed in childhood. But the ratio of confirmed cases being three boys being diagnosed for every one girl.

The reason why, is because boys have external symptoms such as poor impulse control and hyperactivity. That especially in a classroom setting causes a lot of disruptions.

However because of those disruptions, they often get the attention they need to get diagnosed and treated.

However, people who have ADD or ADHD are not lazy, and in fact work harder than their peers to accomplish the same amount of work.

With appropriate diagnosis and therapy, individuals with ADD can go on to live excellent lives. Take Michael Phelps as an example, according to psychologist Edmonton. He not only holds the Olympic record for most medals won but also has attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Therefore, for most people, the rights diagnosis as well as treatment is life-changing. And can help people live a fantastic life.

According to psychologist Edmonton, ADHD is the most diagnosed neurodevelopment condition of children. There are still a lot of misunderstandings about this illness. That might be quite harmful for those who suffer from it. Even if individuals get a diagnosis early in their life. Does not imply that they will have an easier time locating a successful therapy.The reason why, is because many doctors present medication as the only treatment available to people who are suffering.

This is often because medication can give faster results, and it does not require anyone making a significant lifestyle change. And when presented as that being the only option. Many people do not realize that they can find different solutions elsewhere.

The problem with this however is that while there are seven different kinds of ADD and ADHD. Only one of those kinds is responsive to medication. So no matter how often a doctor might prescribe it, and have a patient try it. It is not going to help the overwhelming majority of people with this disorder.

Not only that, but those who do take this medication. The side effects of opiates are often more disruptive to their lives than the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. And if it does work, and they can handle the adverse effects. Many individuals develop resistance to the medications. People will always find another answer in the end.

And if people do decide to medicate themselves or their child. They should keep in mind that the medication that is prescribed, most often Ritalin or Adderall. Our considered schedule to narcotics. Which are in the same category as cocaine, morphine and amphetamines.

There categorized this way, because they are narcotics that have a recognized medicinal value. But also carry a very high potential for addiction and abuse.

However, there is a better way. And if people would like more information on technology that can help themselves or their children. They should make an appointment with psychologist Edmonton.

They use cutting-edge technology such as a quantitative electroencephalogram. As well as neuro- feedback technology. To help diagnose the problem, and develop a treatment plan that can help the brain heal itself.

They take an electroencephalogram to capture a picture of the patient’s brain. And look at what the brain waves are doing, and in what level. They psychologist can also check for any abnormalities in the brain. They then use sensors attached to the scalp of the patient and neuro-feedback to read and measure brain waves.

This method can be extremely effective and is a natural and safe method that can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of ADHD. So that people who are suffering from the symptoms can stop having to deal with the symptoms. And get on with living a healthy life.

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